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"If you finish the game a few times, you pretty much learn all the spawn points and enemy patterns. "

This doesn't have anything to do with difficulty. the same could be said of Contra, which is widely considered a difficult game.

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It's not the difficulty that is bad, it is where the difficulty comes from. Relying on unknowable secrets and having to memorize level layouts to advance is the problem. This is a cheap method that developers used to artificially increase the games length. And it is bad. Difficulty should come from good enemy placement and puzzles. Not from confusion or cheap obstacle placements like enemies spawning where you'd never be able to see them coming.

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But Mario has actual level design. Spyro's levels were extremely simple. Mario combines it's elements to create new challenges and is always throwing new tricks into the gauntlet whether it be auto-scrolling levels or a new enemy type. Mario has far more solid design than any of the original Spyro trilogy.

Crash too was far more complex then Spyro. The summation of Spyro's gameplay was collecting all of the gems in the level. Th...

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Watered down? Have you ever played Spyro? The first game was incredibly simple.

1. Gather Gems
2. Kill 2 variations of the same enemy (Aside from reskin)
3. Jump and Glide
4. Chase egg Thief
5. Occasionally find hidden secret area.

The original Spyro is a very watered down game in comparison to other contemporary platformers like Crash Bandicoot and Mario. And you make yourself sound like an old man referring to the 90's as...

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I love the story, atmosphere and mythos. But the actual gameplay quality is mediocre. People look back with nostalgia forgetting the painful block puzzles, repetitive combat and sometimes hellish lack of direction present in some of these titles.

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Oh? Then who are the non-"random people" you speak of?

Just because you've never heard of them doesn't mean you should dismiss their opinion.

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Why would you do that? So now your just going to get the regular edition for the exact same price? That makes zero sense. Just downgrade because it isn't as big of an upgrade?

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Dark Souls is one of the only games that I've seen this year and said "I must have this."

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I agree

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One might say it's a cold day in hell. Ba Dum tsh.

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They are both multiplat.

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Agreed, those games are too solid to really deserve legitimate hate.

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Nobody likes people like you. Nobody.

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There are tons of platformers on XBLA, PSN and Wii. You just have to keep your eye's peeled.

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It's a play on words. 3D and G. Many monster hunter games are subtitled G and many 3ds games have the 3d moniker attached. Thus 3G.

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The multiplayer is actually incredibly fun. You'd be surprised.

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That is one sexy bundle

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This looks way better than the original

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Although this game nails the atmosphere and tone, it stumbles horribly when it comes to gameplay. It can take hours to find out your next objective, the Silent Cathedral is horribly designed and there are so many annoying block puzzles.

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