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Maybe read the article. You seem to think that the Smithsonian is saying video-games are art.

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It is obviously a joke. if you believe people are really this ignorant I have no idea how you can sleep at night thinking people are so dumb.

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It can be

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Cry more

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I still think this one first person horror game that was cancelled long ago looked amazing. Zombies had regenerating flesh and it took place in Winter.

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Maybe if you read my previous comment s you'd know what I was talking about. Here I'll quote myself just for your convenience.

"You can then take their preferences into account during your assessment of their review and get a far better answer then some half-baked big name publications review."

And maybe if you knew one fricken thing about what the word subjective means then you'd understand that it is not possi...

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objective - bases on concrete evidence without interpretation
subjective - based in interpretation and feeling

You cannot review a game without being subjective. It is not possible. It would just be a list of features. You have to agree with this or we have different ideas of what a review is.

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To everyone, do you play a game objectively or subjectively?

Exactly, subjectively.

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Hey numb nuts, I don't know if you heard. A 7 or a 6 is an "I like it." That is a positive score.

If I really do not like a game I am not going to give it a 7 because everyone else liked it. This is the kind of backwards logic that thrives because of all the annoying 12 year old fanboy types here on N4G.

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I 100 percent disagree with the notion that reviewers should review for the broad general public. That would not be their actual opinion on the game, it is a fake manufactured one that doesn't hold real value. I believe that most publications focus far too much on this and that is why many of their reviews are boring reads and you can never be 100 percent certain on the accuracy of their review.

This is why I tend to watch guys who have a you...

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This comment is an anomaly. People who love and people who hate Uncharted 3 will disagree with it.

I think this is some sort of event.

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I do not understand your logic. If a game sets out to be a horrible game and succeeds in its goal, then should you appreciate and enjoy it for being absolutely terrible. No. The developers did achieve what they set out to accomplish and I respect them for doing that. But the end product happens to not suit my personal tastes and thus I do not enjoy it. I do not HATE Super Meat Boy. I just don't like it.
It is all personal preference and I am not...

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Mario makes me hate some other platformers physics. Super Meat Boy slides and slips way too much for my taste.

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Grow up. Seriously. Not everyone loves Uncharted.

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Adventure 2 is terrible.

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It can be. Some people don't like feeling like they are being pushed through the motions like cattle to the slaughterhouse. They like to explore and set their own path. If the games experience is carefully calculated to deliver certain feelings it can feel artificial and contrived. One might draw comparison to Pop songs played don the radio versus a lengthy instrumental track. One is specifically formulated whereas the other may be more surprising and unique. It is all subject to opinion ...

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You know you're communities F****d when people on it feel the need defend 9/10 as a good score. It's a god damn incredible score!

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What are you? Homophobic?

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i hope it's a million times better. Those games were pretty average. (Alien Trilogy and Alien Resurrection that is.)

I hope they are as good as Alien vs. Predator 1 and 2.

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Was it ignorant when they gave Uncharted 2 Game of the Year?

I think you're the ignorant one.

Besides, when you have a publication with more than 1 reviewer, expecting consistency is folly.

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