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And meanwhile back in reality.......... #8.1
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No MS showed the 360 in their own special MTV event in the run up to E3 and then launched in November that year.

I have no idea where this 2 E3 things that's being thrown around lately has come from. #2.1.2
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Look how many of you moronic fanboys set-up straw men instead of replying to the points the writer of the article made.

He is in no way bashing Heavy Rain as a game, he is instead bashing the idiot Cage and his PR team that are doing their best to call his anything but a game.

Cage and QD , in striving to have this compared to movies rather than games, is implying that gaming , as a medium , is neither mature or evolved enough for his product to be categorised thus.... #21
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It wont support over the air freeview in the UK, playtv ships with standard dvb-t tuners the same tuners as every other digital PVR out there at the moment.

They only claim that it will support OTA HD because some european countries already have over the air HD using the DVB standard, the UK wont, its looking like DVB-T2 or an new standard using proprietary codecs.

These are not things that can be added later with a simple FW update #18
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The spy in pcgamer reported last month that this would be announced this year, and thats its going to be a planetside stlye mmofps #6
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If you care to look again, you will see they havent added the american software totals for week ending jan 12th yet #24
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Sony have said it wont be release in the US as you dont have anything like freeview #9
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You wont ever recieve HD over freeview with that box, the roll out only starts in 2009/10

the standard for over the air HD freeview broadcasts has s=yet to be decided with the channels and ofcom, its highley unlikely that the tuners in the box will support OTA HD (recent rumours surrounding what standard will be chosen supports this)

So its a freeview box at £99 that can only be used when the PS3 is switched on, waste of time imho #6
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GDC is next month
And MS have the biggest booth, if nothing of note is announced then you sony sheep can come back and slate the console then #27
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This site is now kinda funny

"Quick an XBOX post rally and spread the F.U.D " #10
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Its funny how easy you guys (and the ps3 community in general) seem to think making a gears or halo total conversion is, or any total conversion for that matter

Hardly anyone is using the maps released for PS3 a cpl of weeks back in the map rotations as is

I just hope the majority of console UT3 owners eventually "get" modding #8
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learn to read
Lets see what it says when the US data is added, we all know what a beating sony took last month of the 360 in america

or you fanboys can just pretend america doesnt exist and pretend like the ps3 is actually catching the 360 #103
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