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Under what category does this game qualify & Since when has Sony cared about Lower Manhattan or has ever been concerned with celebrating New York City as a film making center & helping Lower Manhattan in it's recovery. That is what The Tribeca Film Festival.

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Cool can't wait for the Announce ,release date & price. cause my CC is begin to burn a whole in my wallet.

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Agree to everything except the handheld concept , they would just suffer as we all know Nintendo owns that market .
# 6 Do what you do & take no prisoners

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You folks at Bungie should not rest till Destiny is the greatest game ever, also keep in mind we are a fickle bunch of consumers who are very judgmental & intolerable whiners.
who will go as far to correct people just to satisfy their egos & feel good about themselves.

You know what bungie make the game you want to make to hell w/ the whiners .

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Cool (RWB babe)

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@Sevir not saying that Xbox 360 game sale great or have outstanding sale #, but his comment makes it seem like all 75 million PS fans are going to go out to buy this one cause it on their system.

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Your comment make's it seem like the PS install base buy all the all games. if so why do their exclusive have horrible sale #s

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Trying to show insomniac some love since their on my preferred platform plus this is an IP that belongs to them weather it sells a ton or doesn't. That was their reason for walking away from that other platform not saying they may not work for them on certain projects but they want to own some the IP they create.

People here who have not had any bungie will show them love for the first time. besides if I like Metro I can always keep it .

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Buying Fuse & Remember Me, but will rent Metro .

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To think otherwise would be dumb.

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So the game was once on the other PS struggling handhelds how does going thru that again fill a void or why would they considers that it best left were theirs a big install base.

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How does bringing a great game to a struggling handheld fill the publisher & developers void.

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Wasn't this game in development way before DayZ , so if the homage paying should be the other way around.

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More hearsay, speculation, unsubstantial based rumours until the folks at MS say something all lame articles should never be approved.

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The VO Actress & the Actress both can't be Lara , but one of them can be the friend. hate to be the casting director or director tough times ahead for both.(me am kind of hoping Atwell gets the part)

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@Gaming101 love how you berate MS/SONY for stealing or how you bash American companies for doing so let quote you here :

Msoft is fighting Sony for the same pie, because that's what American companies do, they steal from other companies.

But yet after stating that part their you go on to say

rather than innovating and creating a new untapped market like Nintendo and Apple are always doing.

MS/Sony are bad for doing what they do ...

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I don't feel battled , I feel options are being provide & its up to me to use or not use . never been forced to do anything I did not want. besides been a consumer for almost 12 years why go or buy anything else.

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Cause if they do that ,they may never get their rights back. Like the way Sony rushed to make the Amazing Spider-man movie before their licences rights expired, clause stated that if a movie is not being made for a period of time rights revert back to owner. that is why they must not be so open with their IPS or license .

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Whatever Disney does I just hope they License to 3rd party studios, So all Star War game remain Multi-platforms so everyone can enjoy them.

@SJPFTW they may have not been developing them but no matter how you slice it they have say over anything star wars & that whole fictional universes

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You give me longer games replay ability value ,DLC FOR MP & SP + some Micro-trans . then I will keep my games from all outlets that offer cash for them.

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