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Has Nokia returned the 380 million MS invested or loaned them, cause if no such thing has occurred then that deal is on-going. can't wait for the 21st of may & finding out when I can pre-order my 2 . #1.4
Me personally would tell them to walk off a high cliff, but seeing as how MS sale other items , it would be a big mistake to ignore them. #12
Hey I have kids if Xbox has something for them to enjoy , am going to be a dad and go get it . Side note Xbox is the prefered console in our house & supported.

@ken trying not to be a RICHARD like my dad,beside if you think about it how much fighting can an individual put up when tired. #1.2.1
Plus it tires them out, helps put them to bed early without the consist nagging about staying awake a bit longer . trust me that device is great by me . #1.1
No matter what they show or do not show am still getting one maybe two who knows Can't wait. #11
All i want to know is when can I pre-order it or pay for it all in one lump sum & just wait for release. I may even get two if find out soon enough. #15
Funny how you praise Jobs as an engineer but yet lacks the Education in the field ,while also having been carried on the shoulders of Steve Wozniak & later on the shoulders of Jonathan Ive. but yet everyone calls him the brains I would rather call him the mouth pieces of apple ,before I call him an engineer. but if you want to put him on a pedestal then go for it. #27.1
First day purchase no matter what. #25
these are the one I want during launch week just to name a few
Alan Wake 2
Forza 5
Perfect Dark
Halo 2 Ann. #24
A big serving of ******* to the close minded & some games for those that bought it #67.1
OH I can't wait that is a very long time to wait for a tease & then another 19 days for a reveal.

the pain . #72
Am all for it plus it would mean I will not be pestered to pre-order some game. No more dealing with people in line to trade all their games , console to realize their not getting what they thought & cancel the transaction.
If the industry gets this running I will support it. #3
I say the only way the industry rights this mess is if they all agree to wield the hammer that puts the nails in Game stops coffin. As for that counter argument about shelf space at retail that GameStop will mention, I have 2 word response for it PROPRIETARY Stores & for those that sale the consoles & games but do not sale used games sweeting their reason for doing so.

Like I said it has to be a unified effort from all in the industry if they want to end this crap.... #13
I still own it #9
Let me clarify that for you before the horde gather to disagree cause it's kinect like so it different & not the same cause it a PS eye toy updated & Sony was working on it since 1983. so please do get the facts right .................ha ha ha ha ha ha #4.1
Plus I seriously doubt MS wants to miss out on the sales from COD Dark skyline , if the rumours about the game being next gen platforms exclusive . besides MS/Activision have deals invested in one another so if one is not at market would hinder & cause damage to the fan base of both companies . #22.1
The studio is led by David L. Adams, who was formerly the CEO of Vigil Games; a studio that had been acquired by THQ, but was shut down as part of THQ's Chapter 11 bankruptcy on January 25, 2013. After a series of meetings between former Vigil staff, the new division was quickly established only three days later on January 28, 2013.

hence the Birth of Crytek USA #9.1
Hey Nordic sell to Crytek but try to get a good return on it based on the sales of the first 2 games & their cost. Don't sell it due to fear of screwing it up or consumer opinions, do what you folks deem right. (no matter what am buying the game) #10
I call BS. their no way a company that took a gamble on releasing first last gen before product was a 100% & was willing to eat 1 billion dollar repair is going to sit around & let their rival get a head start especially by a year. This console will be on shelves before BF this holiday. #19
PopRocks359 & Yi-Long , I agree with both their comments . #4
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