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it was the other way around , AW had that date set it was RDR that need a new date & chose the same date AW was releasing, so it was RDR that hurt AW.

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Don't think AW is going anywhere but on NG Xbox , if those rumours of MS studios being behind on their projects are true. Beside the Xbox ,PC crowd love AW where he's at .

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Guess i will buy it when it's on sale or gamefly it, not paying 64.00 dollars for an incomplete game.way to treat consumer Ubi hope hackers screw your Uplay system for two months. @sway but you still got be it a month later this not going to Xbox version weather a month or a year later.that why thier anger , trust me if I had the ability to hack I would take the uplay server down for a year just to call it evens. Babies who will use thier wallet to effect thier bottom dollar, not fan of ...

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Sorry reasons were not compelling enough to warrant an agree from me , but nice use of the always online rumour as reason to why it should not be on the Xbox only.

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Fine thier going to be at E3 , Question is which stage & event. That something I look to finding out.

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By far the best question & great Response

As a general thought, what are your opinions on the next-generation of consoles? Do they do anything that interests you?

In order to get a more complete picture, we are eagerly waiting for 21 May. So far, we like a few features that have been announced by Sony, but nothing where we jumped out of our chairs, high-fived, and opened a bottle of Champagne,

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Am so looking forward to this when ready & made available .

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Have been doing it with EA ,see no reason why not to continue to do it with Activision or any other publisher, developer that gives me the OPTION to do so. Look forward to it.

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Can wait to buy this game & the next gen Xbox on release date.

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R W B , 50 , 1776 , 1- 44 , Springsteen song.

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No matter what I be glued to all devices streaming it that dsy

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Day one buy . (but if some disagree keep it to yourself, also their no convincing to do otherwise look at Avatar .)

@joeyisback best part about the MS one ,their are no people in skin tight jumpsuit moving stuff around .

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A must buy for me.

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Day one buy for me .

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Some will laugh at this articles title,
but in the end it going to get people to use it weather they be big or skinny the lure of convinces is what will make this popular & draw other stores to create apps alike. Ultimately every one win.

For those that think i lie, BD Swapping out disc ring any bells.

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Box art ,no box art don't care if it comes in a plain box . I am purchasing it cause they will have all rights to the IP & their trying to be a multi-plat developer. For those reason alone is why I will buy their game.

@sway_z if they stayed at Sony they would be just plain developers with no IP of their own .

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Blah blah blah more shameful articles that have no merit or should have never seen the light.

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Hit them hard fast & repeatedly give no chance to think or breath. Don't stop till you see blood

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@deathstroke have no issue with paying for Xbl, they may have not released a ton of retail games but have released a bunch of good Xbla for those free games Thier only free as long that you are a paying the plus fee stop paying & see if you can still play those games. Now this is all fact #deal with it .

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What Gamers want, the fan base had no clue what sony was going to unveil till 2 months ago, so please stop acting as you sheep had a clue or that sony gives a damn about what you want, this is all ass saving tactics.

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