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Looking forward to it! Let's see what Insomniacs new game is like

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Am going Next Gen day one,while still playing current Generation & Ghost will be a must buy.

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Not to excited but am looking forward to their first game away from the normal R&C or Resistance games.hope it goes well & may they continue to created new wonderful IPs that will remain with them for as long that they make games.

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Day one buy & to the haters Piss off.

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That would be sweet Xbox with 3 Racing games, say go for it.
Day one buy .

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See why not , before we crucify the developers can we see how it turns out first.besides i rather they work with what they have then start from scratch.

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Good for those who chose the Option or Choice to not renew their Xbl membership good for them.
As for me I will continue to pay as is my Option, Choice, besides been doing so for 6-7 years and have no Quarrels with doing so besides it's pretty much chump change when you do the math.
Due to the fact am pleased with what is offered to me.

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If they get it done right & at reasonable cost for consumers then maybe it can be . as for me am sold on it just waiting to buy.

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Not if thier being sued by MS , which I hope occur soon cause it a clear rip off . Send in the lawyers. Haha

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Will it change gaming idk, will it have an impact idk, what I do know everything has to start somewhere .
I will buy one when made available for purchase ,cause am intrigued very interested in seeing where this Tech leads us.

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First off anyone of them can fall from grace, secondly if things start effecting the console manufacturers & developers bottom dollar they will be force to rethink thier partnership with retail especially if retail brags about #'s. Third love how he says he is being sold a incomplete game as I recall developer never promised or gave a detailed descriptions of how long or how short the game would be, they just said a game was coming. Love the snip at DLC or passes but forgets that w...

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That shouldn't be an issue NG , so a port would be nice .

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Hey hype man Pete has that first game from 22 cans doing & how that kickstarter game funding going have you hit the numbers needed or did it fail.

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Variety is great, people will scream they want diversity but ultimately they will get what is know ,familiar & what they trust to deliver a great experience even after their initial tantrum of wanting a change. Not say all are like that but enough are and those are the one that send the message that this game is fine so developer continue to milk,extended,expand these franchise.
Until the industry itself does something about it variety is just garnish on favored dish.

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Love how the sony side is crying about DLC & a game having a reveal at it competition conference, But yet they forget that Sony will get an hour of extra content on two games from a 3rd party developer or how they had a new IP reveal at thier conference. But yet they get over dramatic when MS does it's too for thier product. Just sad.

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but if all the articles had been about this you would be more positive, more open minded but since it not you feel no need to see it as a possibility.

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Are we talking 11:45 EST, cause time zones confuse me .

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*counter this is advertise it for their console*
Not if they advertised like they always have which is with no effort or budget.

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Cause the DLC deals MS make are timed, meaning they go to other platforms after a period of time.

they both do this (paid for many a game to be developed or exclusive to either plat.)

again they both have done this( spent most of the generation buying publishers/developers)

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Seeing as how I just traded my PS3 into GS towards my NG Xbox ,guess I will be cancelling the order for this game. Will get it at sale or rent it from gamefly seeing as being treated as non consumer based on my console preference .

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