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Difference MS is got deeper pockets & has the balls to spend what it needs to spend. #20.1.1
EA equals 3rd party on all consoles. Now that what had to happen w/ an IP like Star Wars. #5
Marketing & a blank check. #15
Isn't their some form of MS software down inside Bd tech. that MS still owns + they have an OS Sony still needs to move their hardware. #12.1
Best part all Star War games remain 3rd party . sweet #23
May buy it just for the hell of it. #2
The only thing that can keep MS/Xbox from accomplishing that goal is themselves. but aside from all that I say go for it. #6
Is it still free if I don't renewal my sub & can I still play it without the Sub. just wondering if this one plus all other games are playable in that scenario. #2
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Wouldn't it have been easier to use a Jukebox but rearrange wires for it to accommodate a Xbox & wiring for a mounted Flat screen T.V. #1
Isn't Insomniac a multi-plat developer now & are busy working on their first owned IP game w/EA. Have not heard that they are working on anything for sony, also That Game Company is also a Multi-plat studio seeing as how their 3 game deal w/ sony has been completed again heard nothing of them doing anything for Sony. #1.2.1
Wouldn't most of theses be 2nd party more than 3rd party aside from PGR5 which is 1st party. #1.3
Playing video games make me thirsty , now the food network that makes me hungry as hell. #4
Respect your point ,but how will we resolve these problem if we refuse to go forward. I would prefer to solve these issues than continue to let them linger.

@Belking if that is the case then why is their such a fear or negative reaction to a console wanting to join that group of devices that already do it.(have no more bubbles PM so I can respond to your comment.) #1.3
Getting all of them . #1
Me personally think NPC should all be created with some better AI or follow the recipe that Levine did in creating Elizabeth from Bioshock infinite where she was useful to the main character & not a hinder on game play.JMT #14
I want them all to happen at launch.
This list would be the icing on the cake in favor of me getting the next Xbox. #6
You do realize that D3 is an Activision game, mean this pipe dream of yours is all in your head. Advice seek help before it's to late for you. #3.1
Yes most definitely. #5
It may do it some day but as right now theirs way to much money on the table for anyone to walk away from. JMO #2
Do whatever needs to be done to destroy & put Sony gaming division im the Red am talking red where it takes ten years to even attempt to correct. Ha ha ha #11
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