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Wasn't Sony bragging in a different article that developers & publisher are happy w/ the compensation given for allowing thier game to be free on PS+, guess someone misspoke. Ha ha ha funny. #9
Maybe not early on , but before this Next Generation (8)cycle is over they will have something more evolved to help end the Second hand game issue. But for right now they will tolerate it . #1
How about if we just don't like the PS brand period no matter what they offer. #4.1.2
The Model T was a great car for its time, but yet those involved in it's creation are no longer there or have left but yet ford has continued to make cars and at times amaze themselves & the public even without those that created the Model T. Can you imagine what other can do with out the constant comparison & judgemental comments . #1.1.1
Hopefully that never changes so they can remain independent & continue to own all IPs moving forward . I liked the game it was fun & different. #2.1.1
Oh well what a shame , now on to more important matters. #4
I want a multifunction Xbox console device that sits next to my TV & does everything promised & more. but also want a manufacture that supports all functions equally from day one till the end of it's cycle. #2
All were worth the cost & hope to see more great quality XBLA games . #1
Keep the story rich ,enticing, make it longer than most games and every so often release some story themed DLC. I will buy day one.( besides MP is overhyped & over used ) #1
That is so straight forward & funny as hell. At least he was honest . ( For some reason this feels so Déjà vu but this time it the developer's speaking ) #17
Fable ,killer instinct, PGR,Forza,Respawn new game,some love from former MS studio Bungie + some exclusive content for us also. #1
God of War Ascension,Uncharted 2-3,MGS 4, Heavy Rain,Journey,
just the few I liked. #4
Sleeping Dog, GTA 4, Tomb Raider, Skyrim, Bioshock infinite, ME 2-3,Saint Row 3,Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo CE Anniversary, Batman 1-2,Alan Wake,AC 2-3,RDR, To name a few. #4
I would gladly welcome a new KOTOR , maybe a completed 1313 . Get those going & I will buy them both. #4
This game is so buggy its not even funny. #2
I personally prefer a Score over mantel pieces, but that just me . #1
So in your warped mind the PS4 can do no wrong, mind you it does not exist but on paper. but if wrong does occur it's the person fault not the hardware. That is some delusional view , may I suggest u seek help right away. #47.1
The Demo was fun, at gamestop paying it off . #2
I liked ,it seem like fun with friends #5
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