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The price of the Next Gen Xbox was never an issue I was ever concerned with. My concerns were when will it be released ,features, games but seeing as how I have never been disappointed in my prior Xbox purchases i see no reason to worry at all.

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So were going to tax games due to violence , so does that mean there will be a weapons tax seeing as how their used to commit Acts of violence & violent crimes .

O.T If were in need of cash why not revoke tax free exemptions for all institutions & organization ,Embassy's & make them pay. Enough with the free rides.

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Would love to be at this event, but may have to stream from every device in the office so not to miss a thing.

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but if the roles were reversed you would be as happy as a fat kid eating cake wouldn't you . so stop being a drama Queen.

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Eight more days to see what's coming + 19 to see the full line up of items. Then five months before I can actually hold one in my hands. Hope the coming months fly by so I can buy & hold my new console.

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Best part it looked cool with the 360 controller being used now if MS would buy the company and find a way to get that retail ready i would buy it day one.

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Some what risky ,crazy idea but not impossible. will just have to wait the remain 9 days to see what plans ,deals or partnerships have been formed between EA/MS & MS/Act.

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You mean a Kinect like device , but it can't be called Kinect cause that would turn into legal issue so lets call it something that will make our fans think we are innovative, but yet were not .

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Blah blah blah, STFU & make a game already instead of playing cheerleader cause your Bs is getting old.

@Perjoss not negative just tired of the cheerleading from this dude, it's time he put or stfu.

@corn have been a fan of MS way before the console & way before the spot light was aimed at cliff or anyone knew his please stop with the assuming base on an avatar.

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I say yes to 9 of 10 cause #3 seem to have been placed on a shelf by EA/Disney. would love the rest as launch title or delivered in the month's to follow.

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I would take a halo milking cause at least his enemies are different & can be invented created seeing how he's in space most of the time on different planets . Now COD what country will it be fighting that it already hasn't fought, that milking will grow old,tiresome before a halo does. JMO

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How in the world is that Bad or wrong & who does it really hurt. I personally would be thrilled, excite & grateful it does happen.

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developer acting like a sack hugger & speak like one . Not buying it now.

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Come out swinging and send the industry, consumer into a OMFG moment that will ROCK the industry foundation.
Cause it to be the only thing the media, gaming sites can talk about no matter what is said by anyone outside this event.

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This game is so broken , that the word broken wants nothing to do with it .ha ha ha ha

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Click on read the whole story tab follow web site & bam on the bottom right hand side.

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