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@DomceM Onlive still in Business & still a console .

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When average Joe schmo finds out he doesn't need to pay xbox live fees, and doesn't need to pay $60 for new video games, doesn't need to wait in line for midnight purchases, Average Joe schmo never need to do any of those thing, they are options & he chose too.

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No from Costa Rica here on visa for holidays

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DmC, Anarchy Reigns, Sniper GW 2 are the game I will support but LP3 looks like more crap than the 2 game.

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Find it funny that their are comments calling consoles slow that they are hurting the PC port of games or vice verse, but yet when their is talks of console aiming to exceed a feature that some average PC lack or are not doing. Everyone starts to condemn them or they go on the offensive that console don't need that, what will they use it for. Just happens to be one of the most strange double standards in the gaming world .

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I will buy the two I know & care for(P/X) the other two can FO.

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Of these 1,800 games are not some of them published owned by Sony, MS & publishing partners that could have their games pulled off steam due to maybe some board room conference or fine print in most contracts.( just saying their always the Screw u factor the big 3 can always pull).

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being bound with duct tape and menaced with a gun during a home invasion

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Not interested no matter how much people make valve
out to be the people champion, not interested.

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+ They both made a ton of cash for their owners

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TimeSplitters 3 How you figure this to be an PS4 exclusive.(TimeSplitters is a first-person shooter developed by Free Radical Design (now known as Crytek UK) please do tell.

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I Don't mind G4 or Cops taking a hike , but it would be cool if Esquire brought back X-PLAY & AOTS as mature Shows for Older , Younger & gamers. Also if their about all things guy's like & want then bring back Sara Underwood, Morgan Webb & Candace bailey cause women like that are what Guys like me want & look for . Which are women with the Entire package (looks, brains , maturity, sophistication & killer bodies .

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Just cause it's looks make it seem much more serious looking, it does not take way from it having toilet humor or funny one liners .

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Sweet can not wait to play this game.

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I like the new look, looks more serious than a bubbly cartoon. JMO

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This all info from the leaked contract & seeing as how no one at either Act/ bungie has stated anything to the contrary , am guessing contract is still valid.

@BigBoss1964 not till after it has been on 360 & its predecessor

@shonen_82 360 & Predecessor

@rbailey first exclusively on 360 & it's predecessor a year before all others .

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Think he forgot to add Activision/Bungie Destiny to the Exclusives for Xbox 360.

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Am not taking sides , but wouldn't his intention force them MS to move quickly to close their OS or find a way to cut into his profits also. before he even has a chance of getting that hot mess ubunto to work or be accepted. MS being a software giant they probably have tech or software laying around since he became rival. As a person that likes to gamble my money is on the bigger wallet or checkbook if you prefer .

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I never understood these articles , but the thing that bothers me is why do people, feel like they need to try to suede people to follow them or do as they do. My things is if a person likes paying & enjoys the service leave them be , if you like getting free stuff then have a blast.

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