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Am so ready for Tuesday, that I got it off. Ha ha . #7
Bring it on , can't wait. #3
Sweet bring it on I look forward to seeing what the next Xbox will be capable of doing. #2
Yes Xbox Ex.IP can't wait. Go MS get those IP rolling. #4
One thing for those folks to do is find a way around this crap or stop making vids & they can't do what their trying to do. #4
Cool way to go MS . #1
They need do nothing cause am already on board & ready to buy the console,launch games ,Kinect 2 & whatever XBL comes with. With that said let's get to releasing these items. #1
Well if that's gone so are micrtranactions the new pass buy in cause am ready for it. #1
Don't care what you call any of the studios in your portfolio ,all I want is Star Wars 1313 to be released soon & follow up to republic Commando would be nice. #12
1)They may lay off the Kinect enthusiasm a bit.
2)Rare may have something to announces maybe more than one item.
3)Giving up the profits from XBLG is not an option anyone or any company would consider, were talking about a billion dollar revenue stream give or take.
who in their right mind is going to walk away from that kind of profit. #2
Cool another buy when released,still can't wait for the first one out on the 5/28. Go insomniac #1
Day one buy, looks cool #7
Their are many reason that one can agree or disagree about the EA/Disney deal, but the one that let me sleep better at night is knowing all Star Wars games will remain 3RD party games, multiplatform games. that in it self is reason enough for me to like this deal. #3
Am buying it, looks rather interesting. #1
But yet the Console pictured in his article has a PS branding. #1.1
Hey Errand boy if you are going to truly try to implement this don't forget to include books ,movies, music videos, Television industry cause not including them would seem unfair & Show how much control the NRA has over our politician . #17
In 14 days we will all know if good or bad. till then cant wait. #3
Question if Shepard is dead why the expanding chest plate moving at the end or why the hesitation by Lira to hang the name plate. also if a prequel is what is planned how about one that has to do with the creation of the Reapers or Javik particular seeing as he describe his race to be more evolved than the other races in the game . #8
Like a diabetic needs insulin. #17
You do realize that his job is more than talking about these Fk console, know this one degree will not get you that job he has try maybe a total of 3 degrees then maybe you can get a job like that. Also you may want to inquire about what a person job is before you start running your mouth thinking you know what it is or what it requires. #4.1
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