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I like the idea. Own the console but not the games. Then if you don’t want the console anymore you can sell it without the nagging feeling you have all these digital games you can’t play or sell.

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It’s like a game collection you get instantly. If only Sony had thought of this instant game collection idea first...

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I find this amusing coming from Barlog since he’s the one who accidentally leaked the game’s very existence when he had a bit too much to drink and blurted it our during a PSX panel. You could tell by everyone’s reaction that he clearly let the cat out of the bag when he wasn’t supposed to.

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I guess it all depends on what the parameters for the race are. If you're going generation cycles, then Switch is the only console out there. PS4/XB1 are in the same gen as Wii U. So I guess Switch has a good head start on the PS5. But if you're comparing it to current consoles, I still throw my hat in with the traditional consoles. There is something to be said about a powerful machine.

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Don't you just love it when a question is asked and the answer is so obvious?

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Ahhhh, yes. And IDC analyst. The definition of smart.... BTW, anyone else remember when IDC said Windows Phone would be the market leader in smartphones?? I still get a chuckle thinking about that.

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I don't think it's because it's an xbox console exclusive. I think that it started off as something a bit different and it got a lot of people talking. That became excitement which turned into hype. Suddenly everyone was playing it and I'm sure a majority of those people are doing so saying, "I don't get what all the hype is about, but it's supposed to be amazing, so I'll say it's amazing too."

It's like what happened after Th...

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PUBG is a broken mess and yet it's getting reviews saying it's a 10/10. So TLoU2 is doing great!

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Ahh yes. The gamer. Always critical of everything.

After their E3 presentation, many complained that it was too fast and just an endless series of trailers and announcements. Where were the devs talking to make the presentation more human?

At PSX, Sony makes it more human and people complain it was too boring. The constant complaining over everything is getting old.

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Not one of these things really bothers me. I have 99 problems with the PS4, but none of these are one of them. I'd argue battery life on the controller is worse than the light (and the light isn't the reason for it). All these stupid social features are promote over giving it the same media features the PS3 had.

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Lucasfilm has everything to do with anything related to Star Wars. Just read this as a quick example:

"Visceral staff say that the creative cabal at Star Wars owner Lucasfilm treated them well, giving them flexibility and freedom, but one of the drawbacks to working with another company’s franchise was that they had to get approval for everything.

On an Uncharted game, for example, one of Nathan Drake’s costumes might go through a few rounds of itera...

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Lucasfilm wants to micromanage everything when it comes to Star Wars. That was one of the big problems with Visceral's now-canceled Star Wars games. They couldn't change the look of anything without a sign-off from Lucasfilm, which would take weeks. They're the bottleneck that is going to keep any good Star Wars game from being made.

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Apparently a lot of the emulation problems were software problems that they managed to fix. (keep in mind that the review units sent out at the end of August still suffered from the issues. If anyone bothered to re-review it in October, they would have the fixed one)

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Because it's "Nintendo." In the echo chamber he's talking about, in the gaming circles, Nintendo gets a pass at everything. Something that's a flaw on other systems is suddenly no big deal on a Nintendo console. So I think it is prudent to still wait and see how the actual world is reacting.

As he pointed out, DOOM apparently isn't selling well. Ubisoft had great success, but then they a Mario game. Nintendo is having success with their typical Nin...

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Absolutely. It would take two things to get them into the lead again, things which may never happen again and which luckily for Sony both did in 2013. The first is that MS has to release a truly new generation of hardware. The second is that Sony also has to release a new generation of hardware at the same time. Only by resetting both platforms to zero is there a chance MS can catch up.

People like to point out that PS3 eventually caught up to XB360, but that's because...

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Yes, of course. The only reason the Call of Duty games were successful is because everyone thought that AM General was licensing the likeness of the humvee to Activision. I think in an actual trial, a lawyer should just ask everyone if anyone had ever heard of AM General before. Once nobody raises their hands, the trial should be over.

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I can't believe how expensive this game is on Switch. It's kind of a fun game, but not for what they're charging.

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Refering to your reply: It seems that the smart move then might be to not promote the X and instead use it as a comparison model to actually sell more S's. You have the best of the best for $500 OR you have something almost as good with all these incredible services for only $200. When you put them side by side like that, it really makes the S look like an incredible bargain.

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You're right. But all of that is also mostly true with the XB1S at half the price. And even then, that hasn't helped it gain marketshare. Hell, for the last 6 months the top console has been an underpowered handheld from Nintendo.

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