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Fun game but graphics do suck, wish this was on PS4!

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Terrible comparison, so this article get over 900 degrees with one image on top of each other. Nice!

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I agree with you, but the connection issues are rather annoying.

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I do for the rollover, for some reason other sites suck at it..

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I think the PS3 version looked better looka at the shadows. Anyway whats the differences between the new systems? Any one know?!

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Why is PS4 and Xbox One not getting this?

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Wow, I like the Xbox 360 version better. The saturation actually makes the image look more defined IMO. And that's without the install. Looking forward to the Xbox One and PS4 comparison.

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Not so sure about that buddy, textures maybe slightly more detailed on PS4 but the Xbox One lighting is way better.

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PS4 and Xbox one will do it justice for sure.

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Honestly I've seen better looking games on my Vita, great they are looking for online issues, but come on put some textures on your geometry. Also, why did the PC version look a 100 times better on the lowest settings when using the same Beta build?

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Haven't had any problems getting there for me.

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Wow EA should have polished the beta a little more before releasing such an ugly game.

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Ummmm yea NO!

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Why, if the Xbox looks the way its does then graphically its the lesser of the ports.

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Yea like last years build! Its looks really bad, wait for the Next Gen consoles or PC.

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I didn't hear that? EA and Xbox One????

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wow Xbox 360 version got spanked BAD!

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Actually, if you followed the news lately the Xbox 360 version has streaming issues if you installed the game completely. If no one did a comparison how would you know this ever existed. Also the Xbox textures are blurry throughout, your points are ignorant at best.

I enjoyed GTAIV a year before you got your PC port. Although there's probably no content missing I enjoy knowing I'm playing the best available version for my bucks. UNIT

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Again, I can afford to wait, and I wait for these comparisons to come out ensuring I have the superior version. Its not stupid, its the smarter decisions end of your rant.

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enjoy you inferior version!

Edit: if no one cared about these comparison why are you here commenting?

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