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I haven't bought Modern Warfare since MW2. Played the rest through friends and Gamefly.

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Watch as GT gives Halo Anniversary a 9+

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Really lame list

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It's more like Burger King selling you a whopper meal but without the fries.

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You're not suppose to melee your TV lol

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This bundle sounds good for a first time buyer like me. The only game I was interested in was Alan Wake and with all those bonus games this might actually make me consider getting a 360.

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The only games I'm getting as soon as they comes out are Uncharted 3, Dark Souls and Ico Collection. The rest I'll get after 2-3 months for 20-30 bucks.

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Big deal, only 360 fanboys goes to that site nowadays. If you're a PS3 owner do you seriously go to that site for reliable PS3 reviews? lol cmon now

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Lara Croft has a head?

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Kmart should be price match-able right? Then I can just go to my local Bestbuy ask for a price match?

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Psssh what a desperately annoying site.

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Uh... people keep forgetting the Persona and SMT series that it kills me.

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Kids don't have a reason to own bluetooth headsets, they're not even old enough to drive.

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Without N4G, no Dualshockers. Same goes with hiphopgamer, examiner, gamethrist etc. You are not like Destructoid so I wouldn't say f*ck you to the site that gives you hits.

Just saying

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You mean like how 360 fanboys are with their games? You prolly get piss because deep down you know it's true.

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Here's the link this site is slow as hell

Main site loads up less than 2 secs for me, but that link took a whole minute to load.

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Why post a picture of Sam Fisher's crotch?

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You FAIL!!!1

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All I know is he was the Human torch and I saw him in Sunshine. Guy kinda reminds me of Chris O Donnell.

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Wow at the title. This is actually the first time I literally made a facepalm.

By the way check out my previous comment before this.

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