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I had so many friends get addicted, and they threw each other parties when they quit. Luckily they didn't starve any babies.

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In other groundbreaking news, a new study just found that Chinese students are scoring higher than American students. American experts... STUNNED! Who saw that coming?

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28 hours a week? I can barely get that much sleep. Should've interviewed Obama anyway.

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Yeah after Infinity Ward died, I think the MW fans are going to flock to Black Ops. Also, you can play Fidel Castro vs. Zombies in it.

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I would've still thrown Kirby: Canvas Curse and Elite Beat Agents on there. They're not new for THIS holiday season, but hey, they're never gonna get old. Those games are still uniquely awesome in the DS library.

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100 KB. No DRM. Best use of cubes since the original Q*Bert or Tetrisphere. You don't need 100 million dollars, celebrity voice actors, cutscenes, sex, violence, and washed up Hollywood plots. You just need a good idea and a pickaxe.

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If Duke Nukem becomes the next Night Trap/Mortal Kombat, I'm gonna hate the Duke forever.

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No way. NBA Jam is the #1 basketball game OF THE DECADE. Every decade. Even if they take out the online from the Wii version, and all the other good parts from the Xbox version. The franchise is still heating up.

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Damn, the DS is gonna last forever now. When will the 3DS get a Pokemon after this?

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I still don't get why you're fighting wolves in the forest half the time.

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Noooooooo I'm not ready for it yet!!!!!

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I have all 3 SMB cartridges for the NES: Mario, Mario/Duck Hunt, and Mario/Duck/Hunt/World Class Track Meet. I have to buy every Super Mario Bros. 1 that I see. It's a problem. I have the Deluxe version for Game Boy Color, and I STILL bought it on the Wii's Virtual Console! I think I just need the GBA re-release. Game is soooo damn good.

One of my professors says he has the same problem with the DreamCast. If he sees one at a yard sale or a thrift store for $5 o...

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So it's basically LittleBigHalo now? What's next, LittleBigMegaMan? Oh...

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Wow. These people are hardcore. I guess that's what you get with an expo that's open to the public. They do cosplay better than the publishers' own booth babes at E3.

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If I have 3 friends over, BEAT is probably one of our favorite 4 player co-op games, and we can get anybody to join in. They look at it and see how crazy hard it is and get scared, and then we say "all you do is rotate a stick in the air, it'll be okay," and that always convinces them to join in.

But if I'm playing solo, nothing beats RUNNER. So far anyway.

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People saying "it's made for entertainment, so it can't be art," are basically saying that music and film can't be art either, for the same exact reason. Pick a fucking side people! Either "everything is art" or "nothing is art." The second you start to pick and choose you start drawing the most random lines. "It's not art because it's interactive!" "It's not art because it's intended to profit!" "It'...

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Isn't it a little late to be coming out with new controllers 5 years after the system launched? I don't get it.

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Don't hold your breath buddy.

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4 RPG's, but no Street Fighter 2? The SNES version was the best-selling fighting game of all time until the Smash Bros. games came along. I'd also throw in Star Fox and Another World, but hey, I'm awesome.

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