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got after they discontinued em for 500 no regrets best machine ive ever bought. @ about 60 games in my ps3 library now XD

if you dont have one get one with the best online for free n netflix b/r n so much more.

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the time it takes peeps to tell their friends what a waste of money kinect is.

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right no site on the nets big enough for all of em

sigh this is just some twisted quotes for cheep hits.

2.5 mil sold to date a mil in the usa the line has been drawn lets see if kinect can step up.

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Nothing new just another soulless corporation leveraging its assets...

If you liked the last one this ones probably just fine. If you like games that work wait a bit n pick it up on the pc after the modders fix it...

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n a gimped eye toy are the second coming

lol @ the irony

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jus askin cause no canada or us option :(

gotta love google

did you know the po for the house of commons is SW1A 0AA ? ;)

n ya very cool advert!

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on a torrent site so prob not

sure it will b ripped soon tho :(

this looks like no big leap still fun for the mw2 crowd.

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Well gl heres hoping ya make tons of sales Frontier n that the kids who get this for xmas get tons of hours out of it...
Our brats will prob get a wii finally so sry no sale here still gl.

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i dunno got res evil5 n its pretty natural in fact me n the wife r playin n havin fun. Thx to the move cause no way would she play it with the dualshock.

Sports n Party r pick up n play too imo.

edit im stoked for kz3 almost feeling bad for those dualshock only players when it hits ;) if they do it right the aiming n tracking speed with the moves crazy good.

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tho wii vs kinect will b a close one ;)

i kid wii is fun n it works.

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"because the depth map sensor which looks after skeletal tracking is only 320x240, which really isn't high res enough to accurately manage such a feat."

fact is kinect cant do fingers never will they dumbed it down 2 much...
stupid imo if it read fingers it could easily make up for no buttons.

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you need to b diskonected from the real world
no kids no pets no reflective surfaces no remots phones radios etc no cloth no funiture light fixtures or colors...
jus u naked in a big white room wit milo i mean kinectables...

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funny tho trying to scare parents with the same tactics they object too.
ie violence and apparently fiction in video games being the guiding factor for your child if you let them play games? leading them to turn against you... Now that they've seen the ad it cant b unseen remember the children who see this are highly subjectable ta copycat behaviour. I blame any parent killings on this ad... tv should b abolished save the children.

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These sites make money off ads these guys buy so ya no surprise. Look at any of the big sites n u tell me how many talked about the bugs in the last one tho no one can play a whole fallout 3 game on a console without hitting a few...
yep must b the cool-aid

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right its cnet they dont need one ta bash the ps3...

seriously tho i watched the vid sounds awful on my laptop but still never saw anything ta bitch about...

edit his machine froze but wut no vid of it? anyone confirm it here who really has it?

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I mean common last one was a bug fest too worst part is they never fixed it. Hope they do better wit this but not holdin me breath!

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is being sponsored by ms

damn u colbert

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pretty sure clicking on that sites illegal here still lol at ms trying to quiet the fact their product is sub par.
go go 500 mil budget there's a lot of reviewers ta pay off ;)

edit ya still all 500 mil advertising is gonna do on a fail product is turn customers away from ms. Think about it little billy's got a kinect for xmas his mom saw the oprah pimping it so its gotta b good. 3 or 4 hun later they got the game maybe they get the best buy geek squad ta set ...

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fact is oprah is a religion literally for millions...

good marketing wonder how much of the 500 mil it cost?

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ill approve... even if the trailers old its a new article.

on topic the game looks ok still a giant ball vs portal guns is funny. imo portal looks way more interesting being on a limited budget i also know its going to have great support and online so yeh no contest really.

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