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"New AV Best pictorial representation of Live ever!"


ok so activisions
a big bunch of douches put em together wit ms n what u expect?

the positive here is that we get ta see em crash n burn when they milk the last of their hits dry. #1.1
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18 months no live
lol so if he does no live n stays in school for 18 months he walks scott free. good deal imo

jus dont get a ps3 we got nough hackers now :( #1
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so many cancelled jokes
just cant top em but epic lolz

congratz Ivan Drago IV your now officially that cancelled guy lol way to hit a nerve ;) #14
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yeh its all about the hype factor
sure its gonna sell a bit but my point is its entry price is high and with times being tough its just not going to get over that hurdle. imo

whats more is after it flops ms shareholders are gonna b out for blood. No way will the ms gaming division survive the epic cuts they will make. Bad news for all gamers even if your not a 360 fan. Fact is competition makes a better market for all. N no doubt ms brought a lot to the table. Would consoles b has connected as they are withou... #10.4
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all aboard the Hype Train
if it does a mil in the usa in a month ill b impressed.

no matter how much they spend ta hype it fact is its a 150 add on to a 200 dollar console. n one that adds nothing the ps eye hasnt already. #10
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3 game crashing glitches
just trying to get the review done

n I'm still waiting for em ta fix the last one lol #1
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this guy always cracks me up
after having rented it i gotta say hes about dead on tho i never beat it (just wasnt worth the extra weeks rent for me)

the camera was pure fail n the fighting was pretty lame dudes whip looks n feels like a little white string. n hated the way the mapped the block n roll to the same button. On the positive side the game does look good n with lots of unlocks n powers ta play with im sure some peeps will enjoy it. #1
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@ the disagrees
am i the only one who likes hot barely dressed girls gyrating for whatever reason?

or is it just ya dont think this games the shizle? Cause im a total kinect doubter n i think it looks kinda neat... not that id buy it but certainly the best looking kinect game to date. #1.1
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this is true
"we’ll be paying through the nose for DLC to see the end of a story we already paid $60 for"

same goes double for the new fallout the old ones dlc is still worth 50 on psn crazy they make more money on the dlc then the game i bet. #1
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does anyone watch this?
just askin cause i was a few eps n gawd its awful.

edit on topic yeh its pretty easy ta tell ms is one of their sponsors. Guess their trying to reach out to the uber pseudogeek culture. #1.2
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this is the shizle
thats gonna make kinect fly off the shelves?

still waiting for the girl in skimpy undies vid.. #1
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look ziro
fact is these guys know what their talking about having walked the same path with the eye hence the evolution of the move.

Most of the kids who get this will move up ta halo after a few days those who dont will prob let this collect dust next to the wii. #1.2
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yep great job
game looks tight lookin forward ta playin it XD #1.1
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so hard to pick
cant afford em all but this looks so epic n i loved the first one my only gripe was the length with this one having mp...

damn my limited budget. #1
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id buy it...
jus ta see what warped stuff peeps would make ;P #1.1
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The special award is….
"drum roll please. The Hardcore trophy/achievement. Unfortunately, yeah that is it"

damn that bites some bonus missions woulda been cool or at least a new wep or safehouse or something... #1
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so one true review hits
no wonder its news

games a glitch fest worst even then the last one
fact they get a free pass on this isnt gonna help the next one b any better.
so cheers to those with the guts to put out the facts. #2
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3 or 30 or 300
fact is till we know what the numbers shipped were this is bs

imo ms is jus playin the hype game by limiting supplies #1.2
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looks like a buy for me
new sp missions new online new weps and enemies lets just hope its only ten dollars XD #1
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crazy good
like a whole new game

me n my wife play it she takes the move i use the ol dualshock n we're rockin the game (on easy sure but for me wifes its epic) #1
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