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after playing r/fom i have no doubt in their ability to deliver on this
60 massive battles and tons of squad based non stop action... all for free on the best gaming network in the world. For massive lag free worldwide games live cant come close.

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funny but whos gonna trust an exclusive thats not first party or at least published inhouse now?

After shelling out for the 360 version then seeing the pc version some were pissed but now its gonna b on the ps3 too and looking better there too lol

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might well b if they nail it gta4 is a big step down from SA or even the last saints row this one should b packed with it.

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prob a god thing if they need to put more polish on it fine by me as long as its less glitchy than the last one.

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unless your just playing with mates your better off muting the talk never joined an open game where some jerk wasnt yapping.
that and pay for the right to game online is weak after you pay for the game hope they take some notes from Sony and make it free.
that and i hope those 360 kids parents never buy them ps3's :D

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they lost all those after they started selling out imo gt's still gonna keep going the crowd they cater to aint the kind to be reading anything let alone these comments.

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lol @ madden true they've only moved what 4-5 mil so far (note pulls all numbers directly from rear) lets see if they can keep up the pace next year.

yep hard to see it doing so well in 08 still @ 17-19 mil the coffin mill isnt shutting down quite yet 09 might b anther story...

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looks like a blast cant wait to see it on pc just hope they dont use some retarded copyright were i cant install it more than 3 times...

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hey leave our martian masters out of this console war...

you dont want to get them mad :P

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they release this early?!

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had a bunch of fans on my third box still ended up rroding :(

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lets just hope they get that camra thing fixed up b4 it goes gold...

n for the record i really hope that sub was working on this title as ngs is the best ng out now...

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yep n after the gamespot score change who can say ms isnt rallying the troops...

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Sad as it sounds fact is that theirs been an anti ps3 slant on a lot of na media. IMO the game wasnt al that but certainly deserves a better score than turok... That and the recent gamespot ranking change really points to ms rallying the troops imo.

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a decent rpg ip might b worth the coffin....

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just when we thought they couldnt sink any lower

Still considering their audience is mostly a bunch of homophobic ignorant hicks like the most of the poster here. I guess they had no choice.

ps if you think thegayergamer is a sexually charged name you need to get out more. Maybe a nice gay bar..

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ya zoe2 is onw of my go to games so very nice in hd on the ps3 :D

Cant wait for 3 now!!!! Hope they make it online on top of a kicka$$ single player.

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ya cant say Id use it tho xp is fine Vista just gives me too much grief.

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Looks pretty underwhelming for this gen but they still have time to polish it.

Really liked the last one on the pc for all the bad press it got it was a fun and visually impressive if short game.

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