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"New AV Best pictorial representation of Live ever!"


just one thing
kinect wont sell

sry its off to a whimpering start all the hype we've seen is smoke n mirrors. Sold out but how many we're given out n its only sold out in the usa... Oprah Ellen n all the tween favours of the month aint gonna sell it. Sry people who watch oprah n ellen arnt just lambs. Besides after they see the 300 dollar price tag n learn about live fee's their gonna stick to their wii's.
While those going for the hd upgrade are gonna keep buying ps... #1.1.3
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sorry bout the hike guys
my Av says her twinky bills gone up since they announced kinect... #1.1.13
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the bubble system is a joke
so are the mods around here

ever since they gave em the power to de bub or bub its been abused

the biggest kiss up xbot fanboys run the site jus like in the old days.

id bub ya all but no point since it means shit wit these lame mods overridding it. #1.3.7
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what games good question...
name two games your hyped about playing on kinect n why.

like for example resident evil gold my first playthru wit me wife havin a blast. coops the shit wit a couple moves. We got sports n tumble too both freaking great. Sports is all the work out i want inna game n the kids like it. Tumbles a bitch cause my wife pawns.
Anyways enjoy your kinatamils n cheap wii knock offs. Dont forget ta pay for your second rate online service.

Funny thing is all the... #1.1.3
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just glitchy
tho funny how some games are geting a pass on this like its a ok ta release a half finished product... #1.8
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you me n everyone
wit half a brain... no games laggy buggy tech why would ya buy kinect?
Seriously cause a couple tween stars oprah n ellen are pimping it lol ms prob blew a big chunk of that "500" mil on that alone.

The wii sold because it had real star power.(mario,zelda,metroid say hi) The games were fresh n presented in a new way. Kinects just an eye toy light. While the move took what nintendo did and refined enhanced and made it so much more. Anyone looking at making a... #1.1.1
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dlc for dollars
lot of devs jumpin on the ol cash wagon wit dlc now being in almost every game

hope we as gamers avoid the rip offs n only buy dlc that adds real value to the game...

still dirty to have the dlc premade esp already on the disk or made so you need to pay more to experience the full game... #1.1
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its only news if someone pays that

seriously the price is a buy now option n no ones bidding sure saps are gonna try n flog it but is no ones buying. Kinects gonna flop so bad the ms games division is gonna shut down. #1
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ms gaming division
rip 2012 sorry xbox owners :(

but no way will they be completly out of the software game anytime soon.

tho if distros like ubunto get even more mainstream its going to put a real hurt on em XD #1
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this aint about girl gamers
its about a sick bitch who should b shot.

@jc like u date anyone lol seriously anyone with a prejudice against women especially ones who games is prob very lonely. #1.1
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trying ta fix kinect?
nvm its ms prob trying to find ways ta brainwash peeps inta buying it.

tween sensations n even the church of oprah aint cutting it lol #1.1.2
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so much fail in such a small line up....
really not one that couldnt b done better on a ps eye... #1
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but but teh sales...
lol even vg chartz gotta report facts after they land...

wait til u see what moves really sold n how bad kinects going ta fail. Its gonna be so epic that the ms games division is gonna b gone by 2012.

edit ms is giving away 360's now seriously get cable buy a pc a phone a freakin toaster n someone will give you an xbox lol

fact is if ms had stuck to their core bought some decent devs made online play free n made a decent machine they b in... #1.2.3
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i wear my sunglasses inside...
in shame or jus ta cover up them buggy drug eyes?

No remote needed just talk to your xbox trust us its cool nvm the lack of games or that its a overpriced eye toy light ;)

edit lol @ the disagrees so he's not saying the kinects coolest feature is that its a 150 dollar remote replacement with bonus fail built in? #1.1.4
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hurry n get yours now
nvm there not sellin out as fast as my bubs are XD

lol seriously but i thought they were all sold out. Better off waiting till they hit the bin like the ol hd dvd add on.

ps anyone else get ta feeling ms is choking back kinect stand alones ta flog the kinect bundles? Sure wouldnt put it past em whats worst is the 360 fans who are going to buy a whole other console cause they cant wait for a week or two for em to get restocked.

lol big s your... #1
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so lesbians n soccer moms

now how bout throwing some of your hardcore a bone

maybe master chief pimpming kinect... you know to prep us for the kinect version of halo ;) #3
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shank him good lol
yeh this is epic fail

the ps3 is dominating in Japan and Worldwide even the USA is starting Move...

cry n spin all ya want move is evolution while kinect is nothing but smoke n mirrors. #1.1.3
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yeh hardcore gamers lol
at kinect

lets see if all the hype ms can buy can sell it...

Personally i say soccer moms are a lot smarter than that. Cept the ones who worship at the church of oprah tho most of those dont have the money ta spare. wut wit the kids n oprahs book club fee's.

edit above dont worry about the disagree fairy its jus another spineless faithful watching ms destroying whats left of their pride. #1.1.1
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1st review
sounds like pure pr...
"It's the stuff of science fiction, letting you play games and navigate through menus with a swipe of your hand. It is the film Minority Report come to life"

ya so where they been hiding all the cool eh? #1.1.2
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Vg= -30% for ps3 + 25% for 360
funny that they put this out guess they are getting a lot of heat for their bs lol

"The second difference in reporting is that VGChartz believes that the number of unique Move users is more meaninful than the number of controllers sold. As a developer, you are targetting a percentage of PS3 owners who are "Move-compatible", not the number of individual controllers sold. It also makes far more sense when comparing sales of Move to Kinect or Wii - if four people... #1.2
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