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"New AV Best pictorial representation of Live ever!"


gj ms
no really cheers i lol at the pirates who go out and buy another box every time ya do this.
Nice to see pirates get burnt especially all those hackers messing the online games up.

so gj ms you should do this on every new release XD #1.1.2
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a couple lol
they lost most of their talent when you ripped em off n fired the bosses instead of paying out the bonus you owed..

Sure a few stayed for some of that money you stole n you kept the name for milking... But the heart and soul of IW is at Respawn now.

ps hows them lawsuits coming since the most of the original IW that stayed is suing not ta mention the ones that left. Yeh i know you got money to tie up courts for ever but you'll still rot n hell.
... #1.1
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thats the power of b/r
its so much more than the ol dvd's

lets face it if ms makes another console in the next 5 years its going to b b/r. tho with them betting the farm on kinect who knows if they'll b around for another round... #1.1.4
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100/10 indeed
"would give Kinectimals 100/10 because it’s different because you use your hands and you are the controller and it’s cool.It would be good for older people too, but children will like it the most because they like running around and playing. If a child doesn’t like running around and playing then that’s not a child, that’s a boring grown-up."

whos 6 year old talks like a ms pr person? jus asking the whole "you are the controller" line either its coached ad... #1.1
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cool cool
this game does look fun

is it amazing not really is it new well its been done b4 but still if you dont have a ps2 n a eyetoy...

ps gratz on learning a new language its no small task.

pps speaking from experience the afore mentioned eyetoy games were tons of fun for a bit but ended up collecting dust all too soon. Problem with these gimicky games is the gimick gets old fast. #1.1.2
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i said it
low stock is why they were sold out lol

"Microsoft had granted it ‘and many other retailers’ low stock allocation"

you know what i take back what i said about it being the biggest flop since hd-dvd its gonna hit rock bottom a lot faster.

lets see those kinect launch lineups for the midnight release guys you got phones n you tube n4g's got the forums if im wrong ill b the first ta eat crow XD that is if we see ten midnight launch... #1.1.1
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you know whats even bigger?
kinnect flopping

mark my words its going to be so epic the ms gaming divisions gonna shut down. #1.1
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no wonder they dont want reviews out
just watching it in action is painful

kinect is going ta b the biggest flop since hd dvd

but but the 500mil advertising lol oprah n ellen viewers aint gonna buy this XD #1.1
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let jus hope its ok....

so wish it wouldve been done a real console tho #9
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what kinect reviews?
ms is stil trying ta keep em hush hush while everyones raving about the Move lol

so much fail rrod live kinect prob for the best they just go away.

kinect = rip ms gaming division 2012 #1.2.1
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yeh too funny
kinect has no chance XD

all we've seen so far is sub par eye toy games with wii lvl graphics. No way is anyone watching oprah or ellen gonna rush out n get this. Not only is it 300 bucks but you need an xbox ta play it. Anyone going hd is already eyeing up a ps3 for xmas n with the move the wii crowds going to b very tempted. #1.1.2
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sure we might of stabbed ya in the back
but we still want your money

i mean didnt we just give ya a price hike on live if thats not love what is?

you know the worst part is they screwed their real fanbase for kinect and its going ta flop so bad the ms gaming division will be shut down. #1.1.1
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yeh so someone doesnt like it
n so their being paid...

sad look at how many of us hate kinect yet no ones payin us (well me at least lol) #1.3
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live is second rate online
compared to psn for gaming.

this articles obviously written by a hurt fanboy who's never played on psn. Psn is never down cept maitnence n that one clock thing... i recall live being down a few times n a lot worst lol

so ya got a mw update a bit faster so what they are the worst sell outs ever n the games plagued wit even more cheaters n hackers on live than on ps3.

so ya go back to the sales... oops now that your in third place all ya... #4
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kinect on par with move lol
Patcher lay off the ms cool-aid!

Anyways just wait a bit for it ta launch n watch the tears flow has kinect rockets to the bargin bin faster than the ol hd dvd XD #1.1.4
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naw fact is
their all out of baskets

now they're just throwing eggs right at people...

n ya kinect = the end of the ms gaming division. #1
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this game put the kinect line up ta shame.
"Even though Virtual Air Guitar’s tech is clearly far less advanced than Kinect – the Eye can only capture the player’s silhouette rather than map 20 joints – Kung Fu Live does a pretty good job of mimicking Microsoft’s motion capture device, at least for its own humble purposes. It even shares the problem of being distracted by people moving in the background."

no matter what bs this guy spouts. Dudes been drinking the ms punch this games does waht kinect should n... #1.1.1
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Britney you crack me up
glad to see everyones fav milf aint drinking the kinect cool aid XD

now i should prob report this story so inocent peeps dont get infected. but on the other hand anyone who wants kinect...

meh let the mods deal wit it lol might give something ta do other than debub kinect denouncers. #8.1.1
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"Is Kinect 100 percent accurate? No. Does it have issues? Yes. Are they bad enough to cripple the device? Absolutely"

so that wii sports knock off is that good lol even if it was it still wont sell. #1
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if ya want kinect
just wait it will be in the bargin bin b4 long... #1.1
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