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well you can always count on some meaningless site to generate some positive ms bs

these "surveys" never translate into real sales

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sry dude disagree... both are pretty much jus shooting their mouths for cheap hits...

but at least patcher doesnt try to rap... n never brings his grandma up for sympathy hits...

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so they got it recognizing an open hand vs a fist def good stuff but they need to get it reading fingers b4 its even close to practical imo.

n @ ^ agree at best a poor mans minority report...

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yep nintendo rules the casual market still worldwide
n ya neither kinect or move will catch it but the camera only ms add on is going to flop epicly if only due to its limitations. While the move will keep attracting wii owners looking for the hd upgrade. Not to mention core users looking to enchance their favourite games like kz3 or lbp2. I think nintendo will keep loosing ground on the console front till they put out the wii hd. I dont think its going to happen till 2012 they seem m...

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ya the only way it could b improved is if they made it read your mind ;)

no doubt sony is saving that update for later XD

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even if i dont plan on getting another racing game for a while.

still cheers to EA great advertising lets give em the ol n4g boost ;)

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its true

lol hide the numbers so peeps will buy this still? cause the few that are left are outnumbered by the gold farmers lol

sqeenix truly is a has been yet i still hold hope for ff14vs tho not much...

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he even plays crap japanese games that he bought another console just ta play for his looser score dudes an epic wanker.

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all the hate in the world wont stop this from being the definitive racer of this generation.
lol now at all these "reviewers' bashing on it when the next racing game hits this is what they will hold up as the standard to beat. Just like so many other ps3 exclusives XD

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but its an arcade game no real comparision to gt5 in scope of content or dept. That and are those shift screens off the pc?
Man all this gt5 love is crazy i doubt even sony expected it to be this massive and fear inspiring lol.

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"Kinect’s primary audience are Xbox 360 owners"

Then the war is already over.
Dont kid yourself its a war for your money. The real fight is spreading like wild fire in the gaming biz. With Mario leading the charge. Apples closing in on the handheld market and new players are jumping in. While sony is betting on the psp phone to get back in.
Fact is both move and kinect are targeted at the wii crowd. But I do agree neither are expanding much past thei...

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yeh move pawns kinect in gameplay and graphics no doubt a move star wars game will own while a kinect one will b lame imo on the rail poor graphics no buttons laggy input no way can kinect do it justice.

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if i have a choice just rather watch a chick then a dude...

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a bdsm hentai themed game wit loli wth how's this gonna make it past the censors here let alone onto the shelves? besides doesn't that new loli law make this illegal in most of the usa n canada? Doubt there's any nudity but obviously aimed at the hormonal teenage population n certainly sexually suggestive non?

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thats the power of gt5

the real definitive racer of this generation XD

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lol gt5 is about 2 hit n we al know its gonna take the ps3 over the top. So ya panic time for 360 diehards no games no sales no love maybe time ta jump ship eh.

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no way would ms lie or count all those kinects they gave away this is 1 mil sold to customers like you.

ps is it jus me or the only peeps buying this are already xbox fans...

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"We have not announced sales figures for Kinect yet, while these numbers are impressive and favorable for us, I would caution people to rely on figures coming from polling based methods versus actual retail sell-thru like NPD or our internal reporting directly from our retail partners."

1.3 mil would b very good but i doubt it the only peeps buying this are hardcore 360 fans n even most of them dont want it...

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seriously worst disappointment of the generation lets just hope they can pull off ff vs one great game n they might make a come back
if it turns out ta b another piece of crud rip squenix

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not a bad start for ms now if they can keep up the momentum for the holidays...

still a long shot imo the only peeps ive seen buying this are hardcore 360 owners even most of them dont want it...

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