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wow how is nintendo stil dominating like that
n the ps3 n 360 are neck n neck especially if we factor in the usual +20% for ps3 n -30% for the 360 (vg math magic)

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english for a pig n a poke...

seriously who cares what this baffoon says let him suck on his silver spoon n leave gaming to the gamers..

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good call nelson

nice to see your position at ms hasnt clouded your judgment.

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"I want to make money on things that we sell. I think the business of subsidizing things is a historical artifact. And so, for us, it's about making money and extracting value for the things that we're building."

no doubt as we've seen with the kinects estimated 56 dollar manufacturing cost and live's recent hike they are more than willing to squeeze every penny out of us while giving less.
Still if people buy it more power to them tho i feel...

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"Yes, we realise that this is probably the most puerile low we’ve ever sunk to, but let’s just say this was born of a comment made in the office while a certain person was playing said game. Said person then suggested that we post a blog, said blogger complained that people might see it as a cynical traffic exercise, certain person agreed, but then offered that people might at least laugh at it. Said blogger thought that if they were laughing it was probably because what they got was wha...

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that and the government sponsored sting to catch him

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yeh still no excuse for the weak tech

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This really isn't gaming news. And, it looks terrible.

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are like the holy grail of the ms camp

even tho every year the real numbers come out and their proven to be under stating sony and overstating ms...

Sad since we lost the real numbers the spins only gotten worst.

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remember those kinect line ups lol

still very sad to see monster hunter not take off here that n no ps3 version capcon sucket much.

still crazy love for the psp hundreds of line up with hundreds of people amazing for a game i thought dead...

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for a car fan never too many

for take ten or the new loudmouths with the latest arcade driver its anything over their paltry offerings..

When the fact is even if your an arcade racer fan. Your still better off with gt5 just play the arcade mode open up the cool cars n have a blast.

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welcome to n4g jaffe XD

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Sometimes what a company chooses not to say can be just as telling as what it does say.

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whats funny here is that the man has worked with them for years its nothing unusual its called loyalty it comes form a shared respect something i know you ms fans have a hard time understanding. but if you treat people with respect you might get some back...

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who cares. They shipped a mil last month n are up ta 4 mil now. Why? Cause there flying off the shelves sold out everywhere while stack outs of kinects sit here collecting dust lol
sorry dudes this is the end for the ol 3 fixme.
All this bs is just them trying to deny the facts but hype alone cant win.

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maxconsole n joystick

Funny the only people who take these joke sites seriously are themselves. n n4g of course; gotta feed the trolls.

lol the ol unamed source whats even funnier is who cares. They shipped a mil last month n are up ta 4 mil now. Why? Cause there flying off the shelves sold out everywhere while stack outs of kinects sit here collecting dust lol
sorry dudes this is the end for the ol 3 fixme.

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lots here if anyone still needs one for xmas plenty online 2 if your in NA or the UK
I'll put cash on the wii outselling both but anyones guess on kinect vs move worldwide imo.

edit ok so the kinect is the "it" gaget cause ms says so... is it me or did the internet really kill journalism?

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games the definitive racer on the definitive console
hate all you want but if you want to step up n play with the big boys buy a ps3.

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"Microsoft and Google traded places last year, well more than traded places; Google passed Microsoft like a jet plane and not in a good way"

i dunno wth their saying and im not all too optimistic reading more will help...

edit damn waste of 5 mins but since i cant unread it...
so ms = win cause win7, kinect, winphone, bing. I agree win7 is a win but the rest is epic fail. As for this google vs win thing dude googles got wings while ms has a...

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see all the hate and bs in the world wont stop it. the only real definitive racer on the only definitive system.

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