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better deliver on vs or rip

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a Samsung 46′ LN46C750 3D LCD 240Hz TV with 2 pair of 3D Glasses for only $775 plus tax and shipping

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lol dont expect to see it on the fornt page.
kinda like wikileaks this will get buried or twisted...

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heh overated my ass uncharted still leaves the any multiplat in the dust in graphics gameplay and online The only games that can touch it are ps3 exclusive like god of war (graphics wise at least) n now with u3 about to hit the ms brigade is gonna ramp up the usual bs like this pointless and embarrassing comparison. No need to cast Enslaves against this beast its a solid game in its own right n certainly the best of what you can play on the 360...

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who is this guy? hgg from the bronx?
seriously loose the attitude this is the game play it better or get out...

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this came as very welcome additions to the Playstation and one of which leaves Microsoft hanging their tail between their legs.

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especially those who are already playin it
just feel for those kids getting this under the tree
on the plus side they get a 360 parents say hello to halo n live fees halo players keep your mute shields on high.

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u are not worthy...

so sad to see this epic first waisted on this guy.

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Its called fake it til you make it.

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Its called fake it til you make it.

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still sad they havnt put out wii hd like you predicted wrongly so many times...

if so one can only imagine the hard on he must pack for sony outselling all his estimates year after year...

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yeh you cant buy a toaster here without someone trying to give you a free xbox lol

seriously last time i went to time hortons the clerk tried giving me one with every timbit i bought.

jk/ still Ive seen a lot of free xbox deals around Rogers has one Futurshop was giving em out with new laptops not long ago n a few others
can only imagine the stock piles are making for good deals cause telus is a cheap ass evil corp if ever we had one...

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more like the domination of the ps3 since day one
outselling the 360 with its massive advertising dlc/franchise buying inspite of sticking true to its roots. Sony keeps pounding out smash after smash game in near silence while ms trumpets halo 2.53 as the second coming. Now with kinect everything ms hopes to cut its losses n tap the lucrative casual market. At the cost of its own loyal fanbase. While Sony's move humbly flys off the shelves with its souped up wii hd look n feel. Ev...

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"no longer about hardcore games from Microsoft, it was all Kinect"

just saying i love manipulating quotes XD

ps thank the devs for all the epic multiplats but do we need another article about them....

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so cancelled...

dont hold your breath for this or any kind of decent fix imo the games beyond salvage

sad sqeenix sucks for killing square wada should be fired... anyone still holding out hope for ff13 vs is more optimistic than i

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COD games are epically famous for em tho
they had the last one hacked on ps3 b4 it was jailbroken via a pc modifying the code on the server...

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the handwriting looks “childish” and “stupid”.
lol i bet poor kid selling them ps3's while the 360's sit rotting on jap shelves.

@4cough "a Japanese gamer bought a used 60GB PS3"

From the article I'd say the date of the letter would be impossible to guess given the facts presented... Still funny to see a raging 360 fan in Japan.

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yeh fair list imo
a lot of peeps just arnt interested in kinects lackluster lineup...

kinda glad they gave up on the payed timed dlc tho no investing on decent first party screams rip 360 if the attempt to "revive" it as a casual platform fails.

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Unless your vg charts or Patcher you cant post imaginary numbers

patent # 666 (creation of purely fictional sales numbers for fun, profit and fanboy ideals)

bets now on Sonys PS3 having outsold 360 worldwide for the fourth consecutive year when the numbers are released paying 1:1

or if you prefer better odds ps3 having outsold wii 2:1

all bets in bubbles all bets are final.

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angry buthurt ms fans

funny how the rest of the worlds not buying the bs eh

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