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"New AV Best pictorial representation of Live ever!"


me 2 kids are drooling
since we got another ps3 for xmas they can play a lot more without cutting into my time XD

the first ones still getting new content daily this ones going to be even more epic
cant wait for the remakes. #1.1
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lens of lies aka lol
cause whenever you see em your gonna lol at their stupid transparent biased trolling for cheap hits XD

@ all the l.o.l alt accounts here gtfo n go back to halo.

gtfo= get the frag out XD #1.1.14
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yeh the whole e-sports thing is ready to take off in a big way imo #1
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even the new 360
will turn disk into coasters at the slightest tremor so ya kinect plus 360 = fail #1.1.2
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we stil have a original 60 gig n a new slim we got this xmas the slims so much quiter but i have no problems lettilng either machine run 24/7 tho i do try and keep em clean n well vented.
blew tru 3 360's never again. #1.1.4
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Alice Madness Returns
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Assassin’s Creed 3
Asura’s Wrath
Battlefield 3
Beyond Good & Evil 2
BioShock Infinite
Call of Duty 8
Captain America
Child of Eden
Colin McRae Dirt 3
Crysis 2
Dragon Age 2
Driver San Francisco
EL Shaddai: Atom
Elder Scrolls V
Far Cry 3
Fear 3
Fight Night Cha... #1.2
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i wouldnt call this journalism...
"Unlike Sony's Move controller for the PS3, however, the Kinect isn't a Wii rip-off. Instead, Microsoft is again providing a solution that is far more technologically advanced than that of the competition"

more like the mad raving of the worlds biggest ms fan. Not even a name on the article... cant blame him. #1
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all i can say poor shipwreck
like this guy said hard to justify paying for live in the first place...

@ #1.1
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lol this is what happens when any "game journalism" wannabe can make a vid n start his own website

still id pay money to see any 360 defenders here try n defend live nowdays lol. #1.1.2
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damn them no soul mofos...

and the "justice" system that allows the bs
fact is they we're fired denied bonuses while Actiloosers rape the cod franchise with impunity.
All i see is the death throws of a another corporate whale choking on its own tail. #1
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yeh 7 was great n CC on psp is the only epic follow up since imo squeenix sux since they sold out nothing but trash games from a once great studio. #1.1.6
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lens of lies
lol not like anyone whos been around doesnt know it already but lense has always tried to tip the scales in the lessor consoles favour. cant blame em tho what else does the 360 have?
trying to edit out the members who spoke out about it is pure desperation. but much like wikileaks you cant put the genie back in the bottle XD #1.1
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Alexander Hinkley your a noob at journalism and gaming
newb noob means the same no matter wut u think if a guy just sucks at the game then hes more likely to hear something like Alexander Hinkley you suck rather than Alexander Hinkley your a newb. #1
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wth was he trying to insure it?
"Bi's activity came to light when he sent a spreadsheet detailing the counterfeit sales to his email account with his employer, Nationwide Insurance"

might has well b telling Lamo you leaked US intel... #1
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so why do 360 exclusives look so much worst? and always end up laggy and bug ridden like fable 2 or 3 or gears 1 or 2?
sure halo was rock solid but its graphics are at best last gen...
while the ps3 puts out the best looking games and whats more there all rock solid gameplay wise... #1.1.7
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quality and ms are like americans and honest politics XD

seriously just like the 360; kinects a pos they overhyped #1.1.8
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ya if your friends are all 12 lol

seriously beers n kinect funny thing is you prob think your teh hardcore #7.2
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hes right USA market is about ta fall...
in a big way vultures have already started loading their pockets n whats better offloading them offshore. How much of the bush handouts you ask over 90% taken out of the US...
sry but the dudes not just dissing ms so please b warned. Everyone with cash is running. Bets on how much of ballers billions are already safely invested? #1.1.7
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this smells a bit fanish
"Sony’s PlayStation 3 got lost in the crowd with (hmm?) 530,000 underground movements sold in Movember. In Blue October, PS Tri sold 250,000 mood ringed Move things showing merely double its output. Yow. What happened to last year’s console phoenix? Unlike the 360’s remodel, last year’s PS3 remodel doesn’t show any lasting power. Sure it’s doing better than it was in its previous existence (before the redesign) but last November’s total was 710,400. This is well below that and that’s not... #1.1.2
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yeh nothing to brag about here
compared to naruto storm really bleach fans should b angry... #1.1.6
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