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if only ms had spent as much on games as on advertising....

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The game was delayed because the devs wanted to polish it a bit more. Be patient it will be worth the wait. Unlike kinect its going to deliver. Remember you heard it here first the best racing simulator ever made will leave kinect in the dust. No matter how much $$$ ms throws away.

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unplayable glitch fest b happy sure a lot of ps3 owners might snub this at release now n wait for the goy edition but i jus hope its playable.

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no matter how ya play it!

b happy n a bubble popping frenzy to any trollers ;)

edit damit to late n for the record ac2 looked n played great on the ps3 doubt anyone could see much difference on the 360...

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one more exclusive vs article that ends up making ms console holders wish they had ps3... just what n4g needs sigh

mods if your not too busy popping bubs n wishing we had an open zone can ya fail this n save us all some headache....

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kinect etc etc

guys well known for bs

still this aint news jus a stupid wiki edit..

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it does everything Sony promised and then some
Sports champ is pawnsauce imo and with res evil n h rain support id say its not lacking in AAA titles tho i do agree its just the tip of the iceberg.

IMHO its the best motion control ever made nothing else can do real time 1:1 at 120 fps. With the power of the ps3 the only limits are the devs imagination and dedication. No doubt we'll see games that will blur the lines of the whole casual hardcore divide. While ms is ...

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lets all pray for the children

Seriously why not let the product sell itself... Sony did n their sellin millions.

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"In the United States, estimated sales have been tallied to about around 300,000 units. Across the globe sales of Sony's Move controller have exceeded expectations in Europe, with over 1.5 million units now sold since it launched"

his 300k came straight out of his rear fact is we have to wait till sony releases the numbers. We can speculate all you want since they haven't but you cant say they only sold 300k to date in the usa cause patcher said so.

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n got the nav n res evil gold a few days after

great toy no doubt its selling well all over imo

This whole sony cares about ndp numbers seems pretty stupid n totally unfounded. Same with all these omg the moves not selling. Feels more like a ms orchestrated smear campaign than anything real...

Fact is we know it sold 1.1 mil in Europe alone already. I'd be surprised if it was less than 3 mil worldwide. The white elephant here is can kine...

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ta see the vid wth....

anyone got a link that works?

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gears vs killzone2 lol

let me guess you must b a mods alt ;) or maybe your sellin yourself on halo for bubs...

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on fox anyone find a better link post it for some easy bubs ;)

heres the most recent i could find...

a big step for hands free gaming looks like a blast.

"we dont care how you play just play!" lol great line you can use objects and any moves you want in real 1:1 120 fps looks like something kinect wishes it could do.

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which makes the whole pew pew pew joke kinda pointless (pun intented)

still this solves the sitting problem at least tho they have yet to show any kind of hardcore application or games..

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not saying its bad just not what i was expecting
more of a darkstalker than a castlevania
still the graphics are decent n the fightings interesting
tho im hating all the runing around trying to figure where ta go n i can see a lot of back and forth over the same lvls in the near future

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from what ive played all i can say is im glad i rented...

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n ill have a truck load for ya at your local gameshop...
seriously how many?

buy us one too if ya want XD

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still one of the best looking games ever made
teh story while mind blowing was optional so even if you didnt have the brains for it you could just skip it. They even made it work for run n gun if you didnt want ta stealth n still your bitching
your no gamer imo Dan

@homicide train wreck how?
MGS4's story unifies the mgs universe n the ending if you dont get is about the good of the corporation vs the freedom of the individuals. It alludes to reli...

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charging em an extra 50 was a slap in the face imo

now if they get some hardcore apps...

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when it launches

as long as its glitch free n plays right it will b worth the wait.

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