New AV Best pictorial representation of Live ever!


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Watch it then look at the comments its ww3 now.

ps upload the vid if u can got a fealing it will go poof soon lol

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Looks like the nwo is about ta fry?

ps upload the vid if u can got a fealing it will go poof soon lol

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meh who cares...
bigger fish ta fry peeps.

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Gamers have abandoned

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As you fanboys continue to squawk the only thing that makes a winner is one thing. SALES! And of course sales are generated by consumer interest, like-ability of product and just plain awesomeness.

its official any fantard can make a site on the webz

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one things for sure Sony needs to show they can ban consoles that are abusing online games and regain control of psn

the time of release of a new patch and the time it takes hakers to overcome it are going to be the deciding factor. imo

i think if sony can go outsie the box a bit here it's doable. For example just recode psn to need an encrypted handshake to log in then make a key that can b changed easily weekly or as needed.
Tho obviously im no ...

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edit oops wrong thread

on topic yeh mags still going strong dude no doubt it will keep on getting mad love till the servers get shut down...

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trying for more desperate falmebait hits
like the op i say have em
mgs4 is the opus of the stealth action gendre while splinter sells already all but forgotten.

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so same goes for them i guess

these activision hoes are the best so obviously its the platforms that are fooked.

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for pure evil

seriously not letting these guys develope in peace after they ripped em off is a joke
kotic needs a acid enemma

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the only thing these guys can count is falmebait hits...

seriously why is this site news?

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since they shaved his head ya but the ol pics ive seen he looks freakishly normal
dont think this is really n4g worthy tho reading a bit more of this guys stuff clearly shows hes not playing with a full deck.

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nto that i care about trophies but as things stand hackers now rule psn :(
much like live our chances of finding a good no hakers game online are almost nil
n much like hacked 360's i suspect hackers will b able to get around bans n all :(
still good news for the ol homebrew seen n since we have 2 ps3's i think my ol 60 is ripe for it XD also playing our games off the hd will save on that ol b/r laser
still i wish the online hadnt had to take this hit s...

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i think in terms of price due to it being a smaller intergrated chip with 3d n a decent graphics processor.

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nothing but luv for us XD

best games best 3d best swimsuits XD

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to do the right thing until the lawsuits roll in...

sad really i gave up after 3 faulty boxes 2 too many in hindsight.

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sony just keeps upping the ante imo no way is anyone else raising the bar as high.

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lol 250
man all those crazy sf fans buying this stuff crazy
no wonder these a holes feel entitled to charge mad money for dlc even prepaking it on the disks.

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I wonder what it could b $o $ecret
Not that it really matters as long as they get $ome games n show the fans $ome real luv.

edit sry non kinect fan 360 owners your fragged

"MS...has claimed that 2011 will be a stellar year for exclusive Xbox titles... but that it will be all about Kinect".

So no good games or the bare minimum for you core 360 owners. But if you havnt already its a great time to get a ps3 trust me Sony has re...

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In closing, they say "any delay of the trial in this lawsuit would increase the financial and non-financial burdens and would continue to distract us from running our business and earning a living."

Activision knows how much cash they have and will keep playing the "justice" system sorry guys but thats business in a western democracy.

all we can do is boycott Activision n hope everyone else does the same.

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