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Article is clickbate nonsense. Why anyone approves these articles I do not understand

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Sorry but this article is totally lame. Wii U is not dead anything

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This article is irresponsible. 3DS version on sale first helps Wii U version sell.

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system is fantastic

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Nothing to worry about

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This was a smart move

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I do not see any mistakes. I see articles that need hits.

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Wii U will likely see even more sales.

3DS has a large install base, the positive buzz will likely lead to massive holiday wii u sales

Use your head.

This is the best scenerio.

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Nintendo made the brilliant move without sacrificing potential profit.

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Brilliant move.

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Will this move a single unit? A bad port of a 2 year old game?

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It is tomorrow

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Who cares, what the hell do you want? this is a racer

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I love Nintendo and what they provide.

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Well PS4 and Wii U are both not selling in Japan.

Expect more Vita 3DS content.

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3DS is the best system on the market right now, people just need something to complain about

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Wii U is struggling no more or less thannaything

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the system does not need saving

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This site also wrote off the wii, ds, and 3ds.........so they have a history of being ridiculous.

His argument of put everything on 3DS, is ridiculous.

"So far, there isn’t a thing about the latest outing that justifies it not being yet another handheld release. This speaks to the initial core problems of the Wii U itself, as it was never the leap forward that it needed to be in order to survive this shark tank (surrounded by other Great Whites like the...

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The next 2 weeks have monster 3DS releases by the names of pheonix wright, final fantasy, ect. Should be a very nice time for 3ds.

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