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True. Plus Unity seems like it's going back to the roots of Assassin's Creed whereas Rogue is just continuing on the path of AC4. Especially with the whole protagonist who fights for both sides throughout the game thing and naval combat. #8.1
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The thing is Sony made it happen for the PSP. They tried way harder and they got multiple exclusive GTAs and MGS and 2 God of Wars. They aren't trying. Nobody is expecting all of the games to be huge names like those, but at least they could try to get a few out.

And it's good to hear Ratchet and Clank works, I was debating on getting it. Jak and Daxter is awesome but that port is rough. #16.1.2
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Rogue Legacy came out a year ago on PC and Ratchet and Clank is just a port. There is nothing wrong with ports but people want exclusive games that they haven't already played. #16.1
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They create such a great environment and mythos for their world. Everything feels so epic and the details are impressive. #4.1
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So will it miss when it really counts too? #19.1
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Seriously, they ended up doing great things with the PSP. It had Daxter, MGS Peace Walker, a couple exclusive GTAs and God of War games, etc. If they actually tried, they could make this happen on the Vita. #6.3
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I agree. I only play my Vita in my home or take it on trips. There's really no time for me to play on my commute or between classes, the little time I have then is spent on my phone. I just want some great exclusives like the PSP had. #26.1
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Dude, the Vita failed. Sony has thrown in the towel, after very minimal effort to begin with. #2.4
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All Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda games are incredibly popular in the West, even if they aren't technically western games. Those games alone are enough to sell the 3DS. #6.3.4
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The problem isn't that they are ports. Multiplatform games are essentially the same quality on both PS3 and 360 (or PS4 and One). The problem here is that they are shitty ports. The Vita wasn't meant to play them to begin with. More often than not, the Vita port is sub par compared to the console release. Add to the fact that there are no exclusive games to supplement the ports, it kind of makes for a shitty library. Nobody expects a library of solely exclusive, AAA games. #11.3
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Last time I checked the iPod actually sold though... #19
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You named some good games. They're fun, but there are too few of them. There were 2 AAA games that I can think of that came out in 2013 (Killzone and Tearaway). That's not enough. Mentioning Japanese games is pointless. I'm not Japanese, I don't read Japanese, I'm not going to import a game that I can't understand or enjoy because it's in Japanese.

Also there is a difference between a multiplatform and a port. When multiplatforms are made they kee... #2.2.1
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*Blastoise used mock...it's super effective!* #3.1.2
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We all know the Dreamcast is up there. #6
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And every gaming outlet there is will give it undeserved 10/10 scores. #1.1.19
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Well the mechanics actually changed a lot from Revelations to AC4. And games in a series are supposed to look like their ancestors. The reason people loved the game to begin with was because it worked and it was good. So you improve upon what you already have going while retaining familiarity, just as every gaming franchise does. #7.1
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It was once a pretty interesting and vital part of the overall story. Now it is clearly just done out of obligation and to keep the story going. The entire point of the games was for modern Assassins and Templars to use Desmond to find important artifacts from the lives of past Assassins. Now the modern day story is flailing. #4.3
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Yeah I agree about the graphics. I feel like the fact that it was open world kind of made it more acceptable. But I still feel like on a console it'll be underwhelming. #6.1.1
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Honestly if this game was on consoles it would be extremely disappointing. The story and graphics are just sub par on anything but a handheld. #6
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Jesus people, it's a fucking game box. #1.10
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