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While that may be true, Gamestop has an opportunity to succeed where Blockbuster failed. If they do re-prioritize and start marketing the new consoles--with the same exclusives and pre-order bonuses they've been implementing recently--they may still thrive in the industry. They also have the added bonus of an online marketplace, which Blockbuster didn't take full advantage of until it was too late.

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To me, the review seemed to start off with "why this game is no good," touch on (as much as possible) where the game relatively succeeded, and then end with more reasons the game was no good. By no means did I get the impression that it was simply the plot that he didn't like. Not to mention, there's no gain whatsoever in sensationalizing a somewhat obscure game with a negative review. Furthermore, the metacritic average for this game is floating around a 5-6, making this re...

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Why is this a "BS review score?" I'm just wondering - why the negativity toward the review if you haven't read it?

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