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Sounds like F1 2014

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OK, this means I won't be buying any digital games. We still have to order the game disc by mail. How can that be cheaper, I wonder?

69,99€ is $95.19

Hopefully you can make an US account from here and buy games with that account.

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Well, I don't know. English isn't my native language so you may be right. But I thought that maybe he made those analogies as bad as they were on purpose.

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To me it sounds like he is being sarcastic. Who would want their every device including their vacuum cleaner to be always on?

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And a normal straight guy with a gf/wife wouldn't click on it as well? BTW, you clicked it too.

It only proves gamers like boobs which is something we already know.

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"Did do anything with the Iphone that would have allowed free phone service? If not then this isn't going to go the same way."

@ UnwanteDreamz

Actually he did something that allowed free games on iphone. How is that not going to go the same way?

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I didn't know reality = photoshopped images.

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I don't drown in excitement. But the driver might drown, because the rain drops seem to go trough the roof near the right side window while on the cockpit view.

Otherwise the game looks good. Although I've seen much better videos of this game, maybe the weather effects aren't just that good as the rest of the graphics.

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As you can see from the picture the squier had only yes on 360. HMX have changed/fixed this, that happened after this story was approved.

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I don't know why they should stop their weekly DLC, because the the third installment will be out. I don't want them to stop producing DLC after they have announced the game will be out soon.

~90 songs with RB playability for $60 over there in the US is not a rip-off when iTunes sells songs for $1/song without playability.

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What are you all yapping about? Yes the window wipers are included in the game... The video quality is too poor to see any effects.

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Here in Finland pre-order games are shipped 2 working days before launch, because shipping a game in a letter takes 1-2 days to get to its destination. So some people get receive their copy one day early which is almost 1,5 days earlier that in the US because the of the time zones.

I'm not saying this is the only reason, it's just one of the many reasons.

I just checked my mail and I was out of luck. I didn't get my copy of Halo: Reach today... ha...

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but what about RBN, will pro drums be compatible with RBN songs

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It's nice that I will get it for free from my dad's workplace. Everyone else should just move to linux or stay with XP and not accept those prices.

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"Oops! It's not here...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this page doesn't seem to exist. Kindly use the search functionality in the header to find what you're looking for."

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The cover blows. Don't get me wrong she's a usual hot girl and all but the editors really failed on the cover. Her head looks too BIG! She looks hot on the video but the cover just doesn't turn you on like playboy cover should.

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I can't really see any similarities.

Maybe they should have just gone with a different name and let Remedy deal with Max Payne after they are done with AW. Just let the name go and invent a new character. They could still use the bullet time and all.

Well maybe it sells better with Max Payne name on the box.

Great graphics though.

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Less games for Europeans and even greater delays! Yeah! Who cares if there is a bug here or there? And the reviewers tell you if there are lots of bugs in a game. I won't buy games that have bugs everywhere.

I'm hoping that this is not a plan to ban all video games in EU.

If they want to improve some laws that affect gamers in europe, there are way better things to do. Let's forbid the 1$=1£=1.5€ prices and delays that are greater than a month or so.

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Yeah 6GB is way too much. I have only 2GBs left on my hard drive and I can't really delete anything. My hard drive is filled with some Rock Band, Burnout and Halo stuff.

I bet I will have to get a larger HDD soon because RB DLC is only getting better and better.

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Usually Xbox originals don't include achievements and I can't see why these would be exceptions no matter how good they are. Enlighten me if I'm wrong.

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