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5? OK:
Harvest Moon
DOA: Dimensions
Resident Evil: revelations
Samurai warriors Chronicles
Ghost recon: future soldier

DONE. Leaving out Professor layton, because I forgot it, and Code of princess and other comparatively minor 3rd party games that many would scoff at... and those are ONLY the exclusives I've mentioned.

Or did you mean 5 Japanese games? I'll raise you to 10:
Monster Hunter

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"VITA" article??
It is a 3ds article too, and that is how I found it.
I saw you posting polarizing comments on a wiiu article; am I to assume you camp WiiU articles?

What I find really funny is how you find my comment hypocritical... yet everyone here, including you and their reactions, the agree/disagree splits... all prove what I posted to be true. ANOTHER commonly known fact of the gaming media known to all outside of n4g... that people seem obli...

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No, they aren't singled out for punishment. But when they receive their course, it is always the harshest and most illogical.
PSN hack was a pretty bad service failure. They were called on it.
3DS sales were luke-warm at worst. Nintendo was deemed an incompetent failure doomed bankruptcy.
Vita sales are less than tepid at best... and Sony is given cautious praise, light handed warnings and admittedly a few exaggerated(in both behavior and perception) doomsayers... ...

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The wording is kind of bad and the writing amateurish... But it still has more intellegence behind the presented "3ds doom" articles.

Which isn't saying much... okay, it says nothing. But still.

it is only such trouble on the sony aggregate site n4g. Just look here for proof: as of this writing there are FAR more sony campers here despite the fact that this is mainly a Nintendo focused article.
How do I know they are &q...

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It really isn't...
If anything they are nearly even. But the fact that one can make that kind of comparison says far more of the year old Vita than it does the 2 month old wiiu.

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It just came out and doesn't have the install base to 100% guarantee success for games released on it to outweigh the cost of said games... many of which were in development long before wiiu came around anyway. That the 3ds, which is entering its 2nd year is getting an entry at the same time kind of shows how long this has been in development: probably since early-mid 2011, before wiiu dev kits were in everyones hands.

This is NOT a new trend in gaming and is not a wiiu s...

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There is no point in mentioning Vita here. Lets stay on topic when making new comments please.

Anyway, this looks pretty cool. But I am more curious about other potential unmentioned enhancements than I am excited(mostly due to some of the crazy rumors out there...) Although, I am very sleepy... which would also explain my relative level of calm...-.-''''

"XY will be the superior version"??
Sexist... ^__^...

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Psp had monster hunter to defend itself... in fact, it had a lot more than the vita is forecast to have in any region this whole next year... at a relatively cheaper price point... with more dev support... coming off of sonys ps2 high point.

It isn't curtains for Vita, but it certainly isn't looking good and any one thing seems incapable of changing that on its own(with anything capable of doing so seeming unlikely at this point)


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3ds has "nothing incoming"?
I'm looking forward to more titles by March than the Vita got this last holiday, or will be getting all next year(currently lined up)

There is a bigger reason 3ds is out-selling Vita than its earlier release: there are more games, from more genres and comparatively more are original and exclusive... but of course you won't know that if you choose to ignore a whole consoles releases.(and not just the retail titles either......

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Who is the publisher you are referring to? Tecmo?

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That's just it: a battle between retailers and publishers. A battle PUBLISHERS started. Why is that important? Because it shows what the intent behind its starting is; to wring more money out of retailers and wrest more control from consumers(meaning more return for less output.)

The industry hasn't been harmed in the least by the naturally occuring recycling effect(and that's exactly what it is) of the used industry. You buy a game and it is yours. That publisher...

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@hicken and others

Downvoting a site because you disagree with it is stupid and draconian. Downvote it when they post these bad stories if you want, but downvoting ALL their stories in order to blacklist them entirely regardless of individual posted content is childish.

Give all forms of credit, both negative and positive when and where it is due.

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It really wouldn't though. People wouldn't buy a whole new expensive console to play only 1 game in a franchise they can play anywhere else. I could buy GTA3 for 2 dollars on the phone I am typing this with right now.

When I think of a system seller, I don't imagine a good game selling great on its launch week with a modest hardware boost and dying off. I think of a game that sells monstrously for months and continually drives hardware. Games like Animal crossing ...

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They are big franchises, but I wouldn't call them system sellers on their own(but in combination? Yes. Perhaps)

The problem is, none of those devs have showed faith in the system(with mgs being the most likely). And they have little reason to at this point. It just isn't likely that we will see such games... not impossible, but not likely.

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Dragons crown has been in development for a LONG time...

And then there was the rumor that devs were jumping ship and dropping planned support, which sony quickly denied... only to confirm a few months later by proxy with a statement along the lines of "it has been difficult to obtain support for the Vita."

Outside of n4g, the reality is Vita isn't doing to well. Go anywhere else (from the well mannered and neutral siliconera community to the ro...

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Publishers are NOT hurting from used sales. They are not losing money because someone sells something THEY OWN to someone else.

Used sales don't evaporate either; they go back to the owner/store to be spent on more things... in the case of a game store MORE games. Many of which will be new, as these retailers can't relay on used sales that may not hold and publishers need outlets for their work(which is why that "archiac" system is still in place... the one ...

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They don't need to be bought. Their Nintendo partnerships helped propell them into great sucess... they are doing better than ever on their own now. Better than some bigger devs are in fact...

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Especially if said sucess leads to more of their great games coming over...
Hard to believe someone could disagree with that.

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So... for being moderate with their money wiiu will fail... but if Sony, in horrible financial straits Shits out all their money making a monster machine they will reach ps2 levels? You mean that ps2 that was the cheapest weakest console of its gen?

Think about it this way: wii to wiiu is equivalent, in release timing, industry affects and market conditions, to ps1 to ps2.

Both wii and ps1 brought in new gamers with cheap price pointing and at the time Defin...

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I really doubt Sony AND MS(that and is very important) can both afford to release powerful enough machines... especially since machines powerful enough to truly leave wiiu behind don't even exist in the pc sphere yet.

This last gen was near suicide for developers, with several closures throughout the term. The dev community has barely recovered from that devastation, so I highly doubt any console maker wants to put more strain on them at this point. It was...

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