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The premise of this article makes no sense. There is almost so such thing as a "Sony journalist" or "Xbox journalist". Almost all legitimate journalists cover multiple platforms, so the crowds were largely the same during all conferences. Even the people from this Xbox-only site went to the Sony conference.

If people were cheering more loudly during the Sony conference, then they were simply more excited.

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There are some people who use modded controllers, but I don't think it's nearly as rampant as most people make it out to be. You'd be amazed at how fast some of the top players, with people watching them play in person, can shoot the hammerburst and maintain decent accuracy.

If you played 50 matches, I bet you'll run into maybe 1, maybe 2, groups of guys who have modded controllers. The rest of the time, it's just someone trying to justify a loss.

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I need to get into the beta because I won a copy of Torchlight 1 from N4G awhile back. I'm greedy and I need to keep the streak alive! =D

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Good luck to everyone! I'd love to win a large CS:GO t-shirt.

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It's not everyone's cup of tea, but I personally love it. You should definitely try it out if you liked Quake or Unreal, or if you find most modern shooters to be too slow.

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I won something? Yay! Thanks for all these contests, Cat =D

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I'd love to win a small Uncharted t-shirt. I don't think I've ever owned a yellow shirt before.


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I think following the formula for the Simpsons Game from 2007 would be perfect. Big town you can explore freely, almost every character from the show in the game somewhere, inside jokes dating back through the whole series, choosing what missions to do and when, 4 playable characters that all feel different. The core mechanics of the gameplay were a little dull, but the devs nailed every other aspect of that game.

If the Family Guy devs aren't ready for a big undertaking,...

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Less gore? Blasphemy! I agree with everything else though.

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"Unfortunately, my poor soldier spent most of his time bobbing around like a drunken sailor in a dingy as I awkwardly grappled with a PS3 controller."

I love how some PC-centric gamers act like playing an FPS with a controller is such an insurmountable feat. It's really not that hard, dude! =D

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I hope I can find a way to get into this beta. I don't think they accepted my application :(

I'm worried that people will be put off by the faction system in the beta. I'm envisioning some people not being able to play with friends during the beta, then thinking it will be like that in the full game.

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Looks awesome! I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I lived in Nebraska.

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It doesn't have a fully fledged co-op mode, but it does have what is basically a Horde mode. This is a review of the full game, but with a focus on that part.

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A Mario/Portal game was actually just released a few days ago.

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I'm not sure if L.A. Noire has spoiled me or not, but I definitely noticed the stiff facial expressions. Also, the cover system wasn't quite as intuitive and I wanted it to be.

That being said, ME3 is still gonna be the RPG of the year :)

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That's an opinion piece on the same exact subject matter posted by the same site less than 2 days ago. Definitely a different article, but there's no doubt that this site is harping on about the same subject again and again.

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If further proof is needed, he just PMed me:


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Sorta makes sense. Microsoft takes fewer risks when it comes to publishing. On one hand, you'll see fewer titles and fewer new IPs published by MS. On the other hand, the few games MS does decide to publish are pretty much guaranteed to be good. That's a large part of the MS love/hate thing going on around here. Personally, I love it when developers take risks, and I wish MS did it more.

By the way, if this article gets approved, it's going to be hilarious readin...

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This site plagiarizes. This guy has edited out the stuff I initially reported for plagiarism in an attempt to get the article approved, and copied from another source instead. I took a screenshot in case he edits his article again. - paragraphs 1, 5, and 6 are taken from this source:

That list is pretty tough to read. You should really try double spacing it or having larger margins.

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