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It's not a sequel, but there's a prequel to Until Dawn called The Inpatient in development. It was announced at E3 and is psvr exclusive.

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The devs are pretty active on Reddit. There's a Pro patch on the way with free and paid dlc's coming.

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Perfect example of someone who just doesn't get it.

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Kinda funny how it would've been quicker for you to google "list of Spider-Man video games" but instead you just wanted to be a little complainer:

Time to grow up kids. Just because you didn't play the games, doesn't mean they didn't exist.

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Kinda like backwards compatibility

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Fallout 4 came out Nov 10, 2015...

"Still, paying full price for a 6 years old game is kinda awful. VR or not..."

6 years really flies by I guess when you don't understand basic time.

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Unless it would be your first time buying it which would be my first time.

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The beta was awesome so no surprise with this score.

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No 3D and it controls the same. If you are having an issue with running into walls, make sure (especially in higher speed classes) you turn early, don't overly use your right and left air breaks, and double tap your air breaks to quick shift.

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Obviously they are making a general comparison between the original console war of Sega vs Nintendo back in the 90's compared to current console war with a bit of VR mixed in. It makes total sense when you also take into consideration the value of "X" when combined with total console sales.

There's also something in the about the conversion rate of Stanley nickels...


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You're right right. I just posted a similar link above you cause I didn't see see you had it up.

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You know all we have to do is click your user name and we can immediately see how big of an MS fanboy you are? So pathetic that you fanboys come to articles about Sony exclusives and claim you think they are garbage even though you'll never own a Sony console.

Here's an example of something you literally just wrote in another comment section:
"I knew PlayStation was dead after the XBOX reveal..."
Fanboy troll ac...

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The vocal minimum of Xbox Fanboys will boycott it. It won't have any effect on PS4 copies sold, and PC sales will be whatever they'll be.

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PS4 uses checkerboard rendering.
XBox One X uses sparse rendering.

Pro tip: they're the same thing.

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Something tells me you aren't a member of MENSA...

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They've been boasting "high fidelity vr" for over a year now.

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You're missing a huge point though. Sony is offering VR and also releasing multiple new games a month. MS is using BC in place of new games.

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Here's the Ni No Kuni 2 E3 trailer in case you missed it:

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I think a lot of people missed all of the announcements they made during the pre-show.

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