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I would take either of those for sure. I'd also add Dark Cloud 3 to that list. #4.1
Edit: Thanks for putting my original comment in the wrong place n4g!!!! #9
I have Wolfenstein on PS4 and it's not a demanding game at all. There's never more than 6 enemies in screen at once and all wall/ ground textures are mid resolution and flat. It's one of my favorite FPS' in recent years but don't try to use it as an argument about how taxing it is on a console. #5.1.1
So for those multiplatform titles that you just listed, are you saying that the people in the countries that have ps4 but don't have XB1 yet are going to buy an XB1 for multiplat titles if they already own a ps4?

Chances are, that if someone already owns a PS4 in one of those countries, they aren't going to buy another new console to play games they can already play. #8.2.1
You must be fun at parties. Something tells me you're one of those guys who starts every sentence with "well actually..." #1.1.1

What fact though? All we've been given is vague PR speak from MS and conflicting view points from third party devs. If MS actually think they're fooling people with their sold through vs. shipped PR speak, how can you believe what they tell you about their consoles power?

If you read the articles put out about third party devs (with no hidden agenda) the truth slowly starts coming out. #1.2.2
Says the guy with one bub lol #3.4.1
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You must've missed that entire section of MS' showing that was dedicated to indies. I can understand how you missed it though. I mean it was really distracting how almost every single game shown during their presser had the phrase "timed exclusive" stamped on the bottom. #2.1
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Are you talking about those same horrible download speeds that allowed me to download P.T. (a 1.4 gig file) in 16 minutes? #5.1
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Wow, you quit early in the demo. Here's a clue: Did you look at the wall above the phone? #4.1.2
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Hopefully you have surround sound. I can't tell you how many times I made the character turn around cause of all the creepy breathing over my right shoulder. #3.1
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I think it's safe to say that by this time next year (based solely on how financially the last Tomb Raider game did) we'll be seing articles about Crystal Dynamics the same way we're seeing articles about Crytek now. #1.4
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Click on the "2" at the end of the article. Took me a few minutes to realize there's no arrow (at least on mobile) #10.1
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It's no use. His eyes are shut and his fingers are in his ears. Maybe instead of using dollar figures to explain it to him, use crayons or M&M's. That usually helps children comprehend things that adults understand everyday. #25.2.3
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Nothing to see here. I originally pointed out an error in King's comment but he fixed it when I clicked on my comment. #25.1.4
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Of course you'd say that and of course you'd give no reason why. I guess it's just easier to give a short thoughtless answer to appease your target group than to give actual reasons. I guess some people come here for actual discussions and others come here to prove why they have one bubble. #7.1.2
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Just wondering what your opinion of these games are:

Resogun, Contrast, Outlast, Don't Starve, Mercenary Kings, Pixke Junk Shooter Ultimate, Stick It to the Man, Dead Nation, Trine 2, Road Not Taken, Doki Doki Universe, Stider, Towerfall Ascension, Fez, Warframe, War Thunder, and Blacklight Retribution

Since all these games are either Free to Play or Free with PS+ they could've also been added to the list of games you've played on PS4.
... #7.1
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Yeah... But at least there's pills for that now... #5.1
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Don't forget that any game that is cross buy is also free regardless of platform. Last month Doki Doki was on Vita's PS+ but ps4 owners also got it free. Really makes being a multi-Sony console owner feel good about the value of PS+! #1.1
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What's the word for when someone does the same action over and over and expects a different outcome?? #16.2
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