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Ummm the psp had the xmb that was on the PS3. The PS4 xmb is brand new and you can make folders to organize your games.

So what exactly are you talking about?

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There's nothing to downplay because they're the only ones doing this type of service. Saying what you said only invites downplaying.

The only thing that will kill the service is a lack of variety and new content.

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That's what I'm saying. They can't repeat the mistakes that other streaming services made in the past. MS needs to bring fresh new content to it to be a success.

I keep saying that here and I keep getting hit with disagrees cause I'm a Sony fanboy.

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So many disagrees for bringing up old tech but I'm also showing both sides of the argument.

It's a great service but it's big downfall is that it's targeting gamers who haven't played those games yet. If they don't continue to bring new content to it, then the original people who they are targeting will have no reason to continue to subscribe.

That's why PS+ subs aren't as high as they...

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Reread my comments here.

"It's a concept that works but only if new content is consistently pushed. There's only so many times you can replay a game.

But other side of the coin this is a perfect service for any new Xbox adopter who hasn't played the old games yet."

You get that I'm saying both sides of the argument, right??

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So wait...

Neonridr, your response to Relientk77's "I guess when you don't have a steady stream of new games to play" is to say "this beats the hell out of PS Now"??

You do realize you completely avoided his point and tried to bring up a completely separate argument involving a competitors platform.

Your response should've been something along the lines of: well at least it's a perfect situation for...

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In 1994...

It's a concept that works but only if new content is consistently pushed. There's only so many times you can replay a game.

But other side of the coin this is a perfect service for any new Xbox adopter who hasn't played the old games yet.

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I guess he didn't get the memo about how well Farpoint has been selling.

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"These guys made 2 games for the PlayStation Vita and you want to educate me on risks? Your out of your league here."

*you're out of your league

Moldy mindset: can't come up with a real argument so deflect to a different console to try to argue your point.

Also what are you even arguing here for? It's a PS4/ pc game in developement and if you're that upset just get it for pc and move on. All you ever do is ni...

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Any one else notice whenever articles come out like this, Moldy always shows up and cry-rants over it?! He acts like one of those women on reality dating shows that doesn't understand why she was eliminated early, and then acts all ignorant when presented with the facts.

Get over it moldy. You are a fanboy so you are looking at the situation like a fanboy. Devs have to look at the risk/ reward ratio when choosing where to put their assets and right now the Xbox 1 has...

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One for each thumb.

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Think of the joysticks as your legs, Aim controller your arms, VR helmet your head with each being able to move independently (just like real life).

That's how it's handled.

You can turn to the right while aiming left while also looking all around you. You can crouch behind cover and lift the gun over it blind firing.

It's essentially the movie "Gamer".

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What you aren't getting is that VR+Aim does not equal regular tv + Sharpshooter.

In Killzone 3 if you had the Sharpshooter, you were stuck with looking where ever the Sharpshooter was pointing.

In Farpoint using the Aim controller, you can turn to the right while aiming to the left while also looking up and down to see if there are enemies above or below you. You can hide behind cover and raise your gun over the cover and blind fire.

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Play with a fan facing you. It sounds weird but it really helps with vr motion sickness.

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The Sharpshooter only had one joystick, the Aim has 2. The only thing the Sharpshooter had that the Aim doesn't is the ability to "pump" reload. Other than that the Aim is night and day better.

Edit: also the PS4 doesn't support the nav controller so Sharpshooter support would be impossible.

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I was about to list a few of the Nintendo fanboys but then I remembered you wrote "sane."


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Morganfell is correct. My Farpoint bundle arrived at work and I opened it up at lunch. First thing I noticed on the box is it states the Aim controller has all of the buttons found on a dual shock controller and rumble! The dual joysticks are a huge much needed improvement over the Sharpshooter Move add-on.

Capcom should totally patch RE7 to support the new Aim controller.

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I know right?! I can't wait for the day when we finally get a game where we can shoot humans


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...and trolls like a duck...

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