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And that wasn't a good practice either. What's your point?

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It's more a complaint that they're selling DLC for a game in early access. They should be finishing the game instead of creating/ selling dlc for it.

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"No one paid for this..."

It's $30

$30 for an alpha of a game that, in order to stay a competitive shooter, needs to optimize to its lowest common denominator: launch Xbox One's.

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Sorry that the link also has a ton of other stuff info in it but the main part is in the first two paragraphs. Mainly this:

"Microsoft paid US$750,000 for its production (documentary about by, ostensibly as sponsorship from its browser Internet Explorer which can be seen at the end of the videos. However, since Micro...

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So I guess copy/ pasting a list of "Sony 🐎" wasn't enough last year? Now you're on to an unformatted mess of nonsense that reads like the diary of Charles Manson?

Good luck with alllllllllllll that...

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The psvr sub on Reddit is full of gamers who just search out upcoming VR games. Just about every day a new game pops up.

There's also a lot of devs who use Reddit for feedback and announcements. The Arizona Sunshine team was there daily when it got Aim support. Also it's where the Mortal Blitz devs post their announcements.

Edit: here's an example of something I would've never known about without Reddit detectives:
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There is a bowling game coming to psvr. It's called Lets Bowl VR.

Here's a trailer:

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You hold the Aim normally and, when doing the regular campaign, you hold one gun in the game. It doesn't break immersion at all. The fact that you're asking these questions just proves you have no idea what you're talking about. You're just jumping to conclusions and nitpicking based off of assumptions.

It's like playing a racing game in vr with a controller. Playing with a racing wheel would be more immersive, but playing with a controller doesn'...

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You totally missed the "Liiiiimit!!!" Echo you jabronie. Now Mac will never make that hockey shot and he and Charlie will never get to party at the beach house!

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Did you click the box for receiving emails from Sony when you set up your account? If you didn't, then you don't get the codes. I've been getting either a 10% or 20% off code every 4 months

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Single handed weapons work just fine with the Aim controller. I went through both campaigns (single handed and long gun) in Arizona Sunshine using the Aim and it worked perfectly.

The only thing it can't do is dual wielding guns. If that's what you're complaining about, that's pretty minor. I'd take steadier aiming with a single gun over spray and pray dual any day.

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I love werchang me "ULTA" blue ray weth "DOBLY" sounds!

Dude you need to relax. You're trying to type so fast and be the first comment that you aren't even noticing how crazy you look and sound.

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Thanks for joining an hour ago just to be annoying in the comments! You really are making N4G a wonderful place.

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I was the same way with the Pro. I don't have a 4K tv but I had a psvr and I'm very pleased with the enhancements it gave me over the base model (I kept my OG PS4 to compare for myself and it's huge). Hope you enjoy your XB1X!

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You might want to take a step back from being defensive and realize that the reason users are pointing out the negatives is because for months there have been people acting like the XB1X is "Da Beast" with zero flaws.

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The article says 102 GB for the game, 75 GB for cut scenes. You aren't wrong. People are blowing it out of proportion, but 102 GB is still pretty huge.

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Ummm it's "Da Beast"

If you don't say it that way, Saint P. Spencer won't grant you the miracle of GaaS.

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Love your profile pic! She had some great looks last season!

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Completely broken multiplayer at launch but it was overshadowed by the broken servers for Drive Club. N4G was particularly annoying when that happened. Fanboys on both sides were at each throats over who's servers were worse 😂

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He also claims to not own an xbox but also always praises xbox games...

Enjoy N4G!! Where lonely people consider constant commenting to be an actual social life 😂

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