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"Currently addicted to Tokyo Jungle and Borderlands 2"


And that certain group also knows why the other group believes it was the savior of next gen gaming.

Just accept that some people fall for PR hype and others can see past it for what the product really is. #18.1
You gotta be more specific... The Halo 2 remake, the new Halo for XB1, or the new Halo TV show??

Make sure you bring some Oreos or chocolate chip cookies with you to dip into the next Halo announcement. #6.2
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"maybe a console sent from the future can"

I doubt it. Remember, the XB1 was beta tested in the future and we (except for Frigid, truefan, and green[fillintheblank]) all know how that's going so far #2.2
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You can keep playing the percentages game, Sony fans (and people with eyes and brains) will use the actual numbers game.

XB1 is in 13 countries and still sitting on store shelves (especially in the Chicago western subberbs where I'm from). PS4 is in 50+ countries and is consistently selling out. #1.1.8
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Post the link dawg #5.3.2
Exactly... I love all the MS fanboys claiming this is Sony's fault with absolutly zero proof and completely glossing over what you posted. #7.3.1
At least the PS4 plays 3D games though. The PS4 version of Zen Pinball 2 looks so much better than the PS3 version. Almost zero loss in graphics when playing in 3D. #1.8.3
"I haven't seen nothing worth throwing my real life away yet..."

Double negative... Lol

Also... Looking past every error you wrote, WTF did you type? it makes no sense. Are you waiting to throw your life away to a game?? #10.4
Well since the XB1 can of worms has been opened in this comment section, I must say this really puts a lot of pressure on MS to produce 1080p 60fps for the alleged Halo 2 HD project. #3.3.5
Are we still talking about games?? #1.1
You don't have to say "especially the online component" since it's the only "component".

Just pointing out redundancies. #2.1
It's not that tough to type "kickstarter mech runner" into a google search...

That's your confirmation of platform release. #11.1
Haha! It's amazing the types of comments that show up in non-Microsoft articles once those fanboys realize that their past gen and current gen consoles are both in last place.

I figured since your comment was so incredibly fan boyish, that I'd counter with one on equal level. #7.6

"I think this is the new marketing strategy, making sure a game runs at a higher resolution on ps4 and get the ps4 fans on your side"

Ha! Are you kidding me?! Are you actually thinking that this is all one big conspiracy to get Sony fans on their side?? You have officially gone off the deep end. You blindly follow MS so much that you are basically calling 3rd party devs Sony fanboys. #1.1.7
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The new announcement is that it will now be called Final Fantasy 15 verses Kingdom Hearts Tactics... And it's an Amazon Fire TV exclusive now.

There's also going to be a companion app for it being developed by Double Helix for the TI-83 Graphing Calculator. #7

"Sony intentionally led everyone to believe it was a ps3 game"

That is the craziest theory possibly every written in any comment section on any website on the entire internet.

So are you implying that Square lead everyone to believe that Tomb Raider was a PS3/ 360 game, or Final Fantasy X was just a PS2 game... How about how MS convinced everyone that Halo 2 was just an original XBox game.

I'm now ful... #1.1.10
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Don't forget Donkey Kong lol #6.2
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This isn't a Forza comment section. #4.1.1
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I find it pretty funny that the cloud tech demo was of a building getting blown up and yet the cloud dependant Titanfall doesn't have destructible buildings.

Anyway... That tech demo was pretty cool, unfortunately it left me with more questions than answers. I'm wondering if they were purposely vague on all the info so people keep talking about it to build hype for E3. #3.1.2
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PS+ would've been nice, but I'm getting regardless. I love games that don't just go with the flow. I'm also looking forward to Hohokum (cause I loved Frobisher on Vita). Keep the weird indies coming. #2
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