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"Keep n4g troll free"


I'm sorry, but 8 does not double equal 3... 😏 #18.1
It's been all good for months. Get the season pass, it'll basically quadruple the size of the game instantly. #1.1
Since this is a comment thread for a game about DX12 and cars, I'll use a car analogy to sum up DX12's improvements for XB1.

Imagine the XB1 is a Toyota corolla and it runs off of regular unleaded gas (DX11). If you decide to switch to premium unleaded gas (DX12) you'll get slightly better gas mileage, but it won't suddenly transform your corolla into a Bugatti.

Some of you guys need to curb your expectations of what improvements DX12 will br... #1.1.4
They already are...

Look at KNWS' comment a few above you. #15.1
How about you guys make that promised Vita bioshock instead of that mobile game porting crap? #8
The improvements to PC have already been proven by a few devs. There was that dev vid of a futuristic RTS games where the framerate are was aweful with DX11 but ran like butter using DX12. That was proof alone that it great improves PC performance. (Sony fan here with a mid range gaming PC so my facts might be slightly off)

(Edit for vid link) #5.1
Considering they said at the reveal event that there were 1200 indie games in Developement for PS4, why are you surprised that there are still indie announcements? #3.2
This is what a comment looks like when someone has zero idea what a game is like but they have very strong opinions based on what n4g users they deem credible have commented about. #23.1
Seriously... Gaming bolt is getting out of hand with these rumor articles.

Something tells me if they ever got ahold of the scrap of paper that an intern used to write down the lunch order run, they'd report that MS is branching out into the food service industry.

Edit: this was supposed to be a reply to infected's comment... Thanks n4g mobile site!! 😕 #3
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"But by then xbox will have a ton more exclusives..."

Using your own definition, your comment made a TON of sense.

😂😂 #9.2
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Lot of people in this comment section defending a camera by saying they only use the microphone.

I use my car everyday, the radio works perfectly. #1.4.1
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I'll follow you also!! It's always so fun watching an account that was created purely to troll Sony articles have a complete meltdown and become the butt of many jokes on this site (see MorePowerOfGreen, Truefan1, etc...) #9.2.2
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You guys need to relax.

All I was doing was answer the question asked by providing a link to last years pre E3 hype.

And how is saying nothing negative "downplaying"??

Thank you. Someone realized it. #4.5.4
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Yes it is something they promise every year...

From last year: #4.5
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And Dragon Quest: Heroes and FF7:HD on ps4 #2.2
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Share play it #3.1
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Based on how some people were responding to how P-Cars was selling so much more on PS4, I'd say it's from a lack of Ubisoft games on the PS4 which drove those sales... It had nothing to do with higher console sales...

Edit: here's the link in case anyone missed the desperate straw grasping.


I wish there was a better indicato... #1.1.2
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Few things I'd do as a start:

1) Make a proper console sequel to Castlevania:SotN as a full 2D sprite animated game. I feel like going 3D button masher ruined what made the series so unique and special. Now that it's 3D it kinda just blends in with the rest of the third person button mashers (which as a spin off is fine cause I did enjoy them, just not as much as C:SotN).

2) Realize where your talent is (was) and don't stiefel them. The Kojima... #9
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Well considering you steath edited your entire original post convieniently after I posted my comment (where you bashed MediEvil and said "correct me if I'm wrong" and posted an 8 minute vid of a guy playing a stretched out emulator of the first level but now suddenly there's a 28 minute vid instead) then my comment is now pointless....

Way to not stick with your original post coward. #1.1.8
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I'll correct you cause you're wrong. MediEvil was one of the best third person games of it's time. Way to pull out a stretched out emulator vid of the very first level. You failed to mention things about the game like the Stained Glass window Knight or the level where you shrink to the size of an ant and enter an ant hill to fight an entire army of ants including the queen. Or that you got a new piece of armor or weapon after each level assuming you foun... #1.1.4
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