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You've been able to for a while now on PS4, you just need to have it on a USB stick or external USB hard drive.

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What about the #4 reason on your link for people who bought an XB1? Exclusive games?? Those people have no reason to buy any more MS consoles since they can get the same game on PC. Also, based on your own link, resolution doesn't matter to MS purchasers, so they don't need a top of the line gaming PC.

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Great find!! I think you're on to something. It's hard to believe that people would go on to websites and praise games they like on certain consoles and trash other games.

It totally reminds me of... Oh wait... It reminds me of what you're totally doing here.

Quit acting like this is some big Sony conspiracy when you're doing the exact same thing.

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"According to leaks"?! You mean according to people who got it early and did speed runs so they could get their opinions out first so they can start the clock on their 15 minutes of internet fame??

Yeah, I'd totally trust them... /s

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So now people are comparing NMS to Pokemon in their attempts to downplay it?!

Dude give it a rest. Anyone who has been following the development of the game knows exactly what they're getting because the devs have been very open and honest. Then there's people like you who roll in here with their opinions of it that are based off of biased journalism opinion pieces and crazy fanboy rants in comment sections.

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😂 I did the same thing at that part!

Good to know I'm not the only one who gets distracted by bright colorful art direction and a huge sense of freedom.

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Or how Inside is ALREADY coming to PS4.

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Everything you need to know is right here:

/s 😂

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Luckily with Amazon you can see if the reviewer actually purchased the game.

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Every country has very different exchange rates and the workforce mentality is also very different there. My former coworkers cousin (I know that sounds like BS spam but it not) is an air traffic controller in Sydney and only works for 8 months a year with 4 months paid vacation. He also makes around double what someone in his same position in the US would make.

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Woah woah woah... Hold the phone... Her bonus was Bucks9000?! What the conversion rate for that because I already have 2500 Schrute Bucks and 500 Stanley Nickles. I also traded in 100 Fleeb for 250 Shmekles, but we'll get into Rick & Mortey technicalities later.

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Ummm Zack1, not sure what you're quoting, but here's a direct quote from the article that this comment section is about:

"Sony confirms its presence at Gamescom. Opposite PC games, the company denied recent rumors about an absence of this year's Games Fair. The PS4 manufacturer uses at Gamescom 2016, the same area as last year"

Also, you submitted the article so are you trying to disprove it here or what?

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"Saddly but did you know ps3 was a piece of crap compared to the 360? Ponies"

Compared to the 360?! You mean that quality system that launched without wifi, without hdmi, without an internal power source, without rechargeable/ internal batteries for the controllers, and a standard DVD drive.

All of those things (except the internal power source) they added later for an additional fee. The HDDVD drive they sold for $1...

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You clearly have no idea how discussions/ debates work. You keep posting opinnions and acting like it's some drop the mic moment. We don't need to post links to articles to counter what you're arguing because you have yet to post a link with factual info. All you're doing is throwing a bunch of opinions at the wall and hoping one sticks. The burden of proof is on you to post factual info, to which people will then respond to with counter arguments. ...

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I love when crazy fanboys make these crazy reactionary lists without doing any research. You listed Crysis as a PC exclusive. It's not, but thanks for playing. It was released on PS3 and 360 years ago. It was even in 3D on PS3 and had an extremely easy Platinum Trophy.

Also, if you are trying to convince people that what you're saying is true, state actual fact. Posting opinions and/ or links to opinion pieces prove nothing other than you've mastered the art...

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That claim sounds great until you break it down into what it really means.

"biggest-selling new Microsoft Studios published IP this generation. "

What were the other new Microsoft Studios Published IPs this generation? Ryse? Sunset Overdrive? Sure is a lot of competition for that title. /s

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It can be, but recent history dictates a slightly different list with Sony releases:

God of War
New IP
Gran Turismo
New IP
New IP
Little Big Planet
New IP
Ratchet & Clank
New IP

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I missed the release announcement for this year. Can you post a link so we can all confirm your obvious fanboy claim?

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I had dead rising 2 on ps3, and in my opinion, the first few hours are awesome, but it's the honeymoon effect. I loved my first playthrough but it didn't take long at all, and my next few playthroughs quickly went from fun to tedious. The weapon creating was fun until you start making weapons that are way too powerful. If you're wondering why that's a problem, it because it almost immediately killed the fun factor. It was too easy to kill the hoards of zombies and essentia...

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