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PS4 gaming through the Vita with remote play (through wifi which is everywhere today or through your smart phone as a wifi hub.)


The question posted was:
"...can either of those consoles detach themselves and be used ANYWHERE on the go?"

I answered that question. Don't suddenly change the variables of the question after I answered it just because I proved him wrong.

I swear you guys a...

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I've been price watching that tv (49" model for me) ever since I got my Pro. In the past 3 months they've dropped $250 (49" model). I'm waiting for Super Bowl sales to pull the trigger.

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So in this same comment section higher up you claim install base is the reason for it not selling as much as TLG and here you are saying it's cause digital sales aren't included?

Let's move one set of goal posts at a time.

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Not if you compare the Switch version of games to the Vita version that they'll be ported from.

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Which really says something about the Switch's power. A console releasing 4 years later at the same price shouldn't be this noticeably weaker. The Switch really is a WiiU 2.0.

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What's wrong with the UI on the WiiU?

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Then how have I been buying new vita games every month?

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I only mentioned one because I've only I used the one for PS4. I have no opinion on the XB1 headset.

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"the ps4 one snapped after i took it out of the box"

Are you talking about the single cord headphone with a mic on the wire that sits loose in a small plastic bag that comes with every ps4? If you snapped that right away it's not the product's fault.

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That's... (takes sunglasses off) un-port-tunate...

I'll see myself out..

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Last line of his quote at the end of the article:

"A free, limited version of this app will be available for download in summer 2017.”

So two things: are they going to charge people at some point for the app, and does that mean voice chat won't even launch until the summer??

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Just wait till there's a version for the Vita, then they can just port that over. Isn't that what they're gonna do with sports games?

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That sounds delicious!

Edit: 😂👍

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"Its not a hardware limitation obviously..."

Is it obvious though? We've all seen that Zelda runs at 900p, which I understand people will argue that resolution doesn't matter, but that's an indicator of a console's power especially when it's docked [read: at full strength].

The Switch just isn't a powerful console and as each day goes by and more people dig for information, it seems like more and...

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And the second game made you feel Down.

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You can remote play your PS4 on your Vita using your phone as a wifi hotspot or just use wifi that you can get free pretty much anywhere now days.

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I like how certain people are claiming the battery life is fine since you can just plug it in and play. Cause nothing says the freedom of gaming on the go like being tied to an outlet.

It's like the 6-8 hour battery life for PS4 controllers are terrible, but now 2-6 hours for the Switch is amazing!


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Also based on what people's eyes are seeing. You could run Zelda on a PS4 at 900p, you think you could run Horizon on the Switch with HDR and 1080p?

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Did the 3DS also have a 2-6 hour battery?

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The PS4 Pro outsold the XB1 on amazon for 2016 and it was only out for a few months. What were you saying again about it having a rough time?

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