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"Keep n4g troll free"


@ Jester

You aren't a troll for not liking the game, you're a troll for spreading false info based on your own experience as if it's set in stone fact. You say the game was only good for one playthrough, yet then you say you played through it again... You also say you beat it in 6 hours which is the most laughable claim yet which just further explains to everyone how pointless your opinion on the subject is. If you're gonna speed run a story driven choose-yo... #6.1.5
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Two comments in under a minute downplaying Until Dawn?! Wow dude, be a little more subtle with your obvious trolling agenda.


If you liked the Quantic Dreams games, you'll love Until Dawn. Don't listen to anyone trying to downplay it. Especially if it's a game that requires multiple playthroughs (the game being built around multiple story branches) and they claim it can be finished in 6 hours. #6.1.1
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Time for my once a year troll comment:

"Same. The possibilities are almost endless with this one."

Just imagine if it was cloud powered!! The destruction in Dreams would be crazy!!

***** ewwww gross.... Trolling done!!

But seriously, Dreams looks insane and considering you can make movies, Pixar and Dream Works have some competition coming from regular joes! #1.2.1
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@ welly

I hear you. Your points are all valid. I'm just confused why you are going after it on day 2 like the games been out for months.

There are too many factors involved with the beta to put all of your eggs in the "bad net code" basket. If one person in the match has a slower connection, it can ruin the match for everyone. What they should do is put a Ping limiter on so if your connection is crap, you shouldn't be able to even conn... #6.2.4
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Don't forget we now live in the entitled generation where BETA TESTS are considered free games by people who are never satisfied.

I used to love betas on PS3 where if you didn't give feed back, you weren't guaranteed an invite to the next beta test. #2.6
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2 comments from you in 2 minutes trying to trash a BETA TEST?! (All caps to emphasize that it's a beta test and not a full release)

Can't wait to see more insight from you while the beta goes on.

I'm no CoD fanboy at all (last one I played a lot was MW2) so not defending the game, I was just interested in it cause of what was shown at E3. I'm just confused why you're acting like it's not day 2 of a beta test.

@the DB... #6.2
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If you're going to play it, you should know what one is.

It's a beta, not a free demo. #5.1
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I haven't played a CoD since MW2 (I played BO's but only got to lvl 22 cause it was the same old same old to me) but I swiped a code from a different comment section so I'll be posting an opinion of my experience I'm sure in a comment section later. Fingers crossed that, if it's bad, it's only cause of the people I'm playing with and not the gameplay.

I'm actually more excited for zombies now more than anything else cause you can play as Ron P... #4.1
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Awesome game, even better support by the devs! This is how all devs should treat their games/ fan base!

Also, those screen shots are crazy! I've owned the game since launch (Elite lvl 61 cause I can't beat that time trial for 62 😖) and I'm still not jaded by those graphics! #2
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Probably playing 50/50 against PC. If you have cross play turned on, look at the other players avatars. If it's not one you've seen in the ps store, chances are it's a PC player. #4.2.1
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You can turn off cross play in the options on ps4 so it's not a problem. Let the PC guys ruin the game for themselves. #4.1
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Resistance would be great! So much fun with R2's co op missions and R3's co op campaign.

I'd also want:
Dark Cloud, MediEvil, Syphon Filter, Tomba!, Ape Escape, Dino Crisis, PaRapper, Armored Core (1-3 before it went all arcady), Legend of Dragoon, and Rogue Galaxy. I'd say Crash Bandicoot (including CTR!) and Spyro, but those are the most unlikely...

Those were the games I remember playing in junior high and high school. Gamers thes... #1.2.1
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So if I buy an XBox 1, I should avoid Halo:MCC and backwards compatability?! Cause if you can't look at past Sony games, you shouldn't look at past MS games.

That double standard... #17.1
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Didn't everyone get 5 bubbles last month...

That didn't last long... #10.2.1
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Can't wait to hear what MS announces at TGS and Paris Games week... /s #7.3.2
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You are trying way too hard to prove to everyone that this is an actual valid piece of journalism and not some fanboy rant article.

And what's with you trying to answer questions in this comment section with questions? Answering a question with a question is just a distraction technique that proves you realize you are wrong, but don't want to admit it. #5.1.1
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This was posted on the first page by Choas-Dad

"Global - November 2014:
PS4 -> 2,862,237
XOne -> 2,468,065
Global - December 2014:
PS4 -> 3,204,402
XOne -> 2,284,298

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April 5th if you guys don't want to load a whole web page just for that. #3
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Yeah... If only there was some device we could all use to watch videos and read articles about what is happening there. Too bad it's 1983 and we all have to sit at home and wonder what's going on..

/s #1.7.2
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We had M/K 2 gens ago. I used to play Red Faction 2 on PS2 with M/K #1.6.2
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