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We had M/K 2 gens ago. I used to play Red Faction 2 on PS2 with M/K #1.6.2
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Just like Kinnect was the better version of motion controls?
And then Kinnect 2.0 was supposed to fix what Kinnect 1.0 couldn't do...
Enjoy throwing money at MS based on their false advertising and PR speak then.

You guys need to look at it objectively. Everyone else did the AR thing years ago and it didn't take off so they all shifted focus. Now everyone else is working in VR leaving MS behind to toy with the tech everyone is abandoning.
... #2.2.6
Probably because AR isn't new tech at all and MS is the last to the party to create an AR machine.

Google Glass, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 2,3,4 and Vita all have AR. Why is it suddenly a big deal when MS brings their version to the table? #2.2.3
Did you just say you wished other companies did AR also to further the tech?? Are you kidding me?! #2.2.1
From the other article about it on dualshockers:

"Odin’s Sphere: Leifdrasir won’t just be a remaster. It was mentioned during the livestream that it will actually be a remake, as the gameplay will be heavily revised (including more open levels and new abilities for the characters) and will come with several new features. The game will also include a “classic mode,” for those who loved the original game"

Can't wait to see what they add to it! #2.1.3
I know! I'm excited to replay an enhanced version of a game I played 10 years ago! #2.1.1
Such great news! The original was the last PS2 game I bought before switching exclusively to PS3. Day 1 without hesitation! #2
Because of this game?!

I think there's a bridge somewhere wondering why you aren't under it. #9.1
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I love (sarcastically) how a bunch of site are posting side by side screen shot comparisons (for GoW) saying they're the same without mentioning that the PS3 version is 30fps and PS4 is 60 fps. #1.1
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"All I seen it used for is games"

This should help... Spoiler, that's not Surgeon Simulator for hololense... #6.1
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Don't worry medman, users with an actual understanding of conversation are on your side. Like how you posted links to back up your stance verses his claim of "halo 5 having 5x more preorders" with no links to back up his statement. Then he moves those goal posts even further to claim the original Halo counts as the highest rated exclusive on XB1.

And my favorite icing on the cake to any troll comment is the claim of owning all systems in order to not sound bia... #3.2.2
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Any time they show hololense from the 3rd person, it's misrepresented. #3.2.2
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Totally agree, too bad he edited his comment. My biggest issue with hololense is the insane false advertising/ misrepresentation. Showing a video in 3rd person with the full "hologram" in front of the user in full display is crazy once you actually see the FoV image.

But then again this is coming from the same company that had actors in front of a screen "playing" Kinnect. I'll never forget the way the actors movements as Darth Vader were happening... #3.1.1
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You are trying so hard lately to trash this game and Sony's involvement. Interesting how you haven't said anything here:

I guess when you're proven wrong by the source, you just run and hide. Typical of your common everyday internet coward. #6.3
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Bubble up for funny!!

Oh wait... You were serious... #11.1
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I would've clicked "ignor" on aussie's profile so long ago but then I'd miss out on these insanely delusional comments. And I'm mainly talking about how he thinks he's pals with Phil. #1.1.1
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To help answer that flame bait article title: #1
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Picking and choosing which of my points to argue doesn't some how make your response correct. PS Now is a games streaming service, not a backwards compatibility service. It's for streaming PS3 games, and which platform did it come to first?? The PS3. It's also on the vita and in smart TVs. So you don't even need a PS4 to use the service. What happens if you don't have an XBox 1 or a 360 but want to play Halo 3?? What are your options then?

The end ga... #1.4.2
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If you didn't own a 360 (or did but sold your games for credit towards next gen) then you still need to pay for XB1 BC, either by paying for gamefly or paying for preowned.

With PSNow, although you are paying to play, you can play those games without needing a PS4 by streaming through certain TVs or anywhere you get wifi through the Vita or any mobile device that supports it.

Both have strengths and weaknesses.

I'd say the better que... #1.4
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For people who only played on PS3 last gen (like me), BC isn't a system seller because it's not free for gamers like me. If I bought an XB1 and wanted to play old 360 games, I'd have to pay for them, either through paying for gamefly or paying for preowned.

I had a fat PS3 at launch last gen and BC was great for 6 months cause the launch games came at a slow pace. The only games I even played through BC were GoW2 (cause it came out near the ps3 launch) and GT3 (... #21.1
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