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The complaints are from the same people who have fully accepted GaaS type releasing of games, and I'm using the term "GaaS" as a blanket statement to cover all devs that put out unfinished games or hold back content to releases it for $$$ after launch.

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Gate keeping your own submitted article is just about the most pathetic thing a person can do in an open, user dependent type website like n4g.

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Keep in mind that other than the small handful of first party games on the switch, what else is there besides indies?

Less competition from the large 1st and 3rd party devs would attract indie devs.

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This might not be popular opinion but with how amazing Farpoint is with the Aim controller, I'd love a VR port of Killzone: mercenaries

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I don't really mind the upgraded consoles. I mainly got mine to experience the best console VR.

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Relax Jackel... he's a troll who used the correct version of "you're".

Baby steps...

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Phil promises the world, hands you Uranus..


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If only those same ps+ subscribers engaged more with their ps4's. It's such an incredible blow to the PlayStation brand name that they're losing to MS in a category that MS created to help people fully understand that selling the worst is actually better than selling the most...

(Do I need the "/s" with this?!)

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Next up, GiddyGert goes to some NFL forums and spoils last nights episode of Ru Paul's Drage Race.

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Skyrim was a PS3 game 🤔

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Looks like we've got our first GoW killer of 2018!

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Agreed. It's similar to how Quinten Tarantino directs. You know something is up but everyone is trying to act so calm that the suspense just continues to build until it erupts into an insane climax!

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Sony doesn't own insomniac, they just have a great relationship with them dating back to PS1.

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I'm not sure how long it takes to build a game, but I know it takes about 10 seconds for someone in a meeting to say "don't you guys think we should render the entire Kraken instead of just the tentacles since we're hyping it up so much with concept art?"

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Reddit users are calling it "Sea of Zzzzzz's" 😂

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Well yeah if you're gonna be "that guy" that tries to use reason and common sense.

How dare you...

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The difference being that Sony also had a bunch of other games coming out at the time so if you didn't like them, you had other options of games to play.

It's almost like the Kraken in SoT is a representation of MS' approach to gaming: act like what's being shown is the biggest and best thing ever, but then under the surface there's nothing at all.

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