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"Keep n4g troll free"


Insomniac could also be making the reboot. They're hard at work on the Ratchet & Clank reboot so it's not out of the question that Sony would have them do it.

I think it would be cool to have the Chimera take over happen during a different war. I'd love a Vietnam war era Resistance. That time period was so controversial (mainly in the US) as far as protesting the war goes. It would be cool if you played as a character that opposed the original Vietnam war,... #1.3
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The best part about his argument of number of countries while ignoring population is that he's actually making the PS4 sell through numbers even more impressive and he doesn't seem to realize it.

He's the type of person that thinks a ton of bricks weighs more than a ton of feathers. #2.3.2
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Ah yes... Those terrible low res 1080p screens...

/s #1.3
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Thanks for providing a link to back up your statement. /s

Oh wait... Nevermind... Your comment is just a reactionary attempt to hide that fact that a once XB1/PC exclusive is now also heading to PS4. #2.1
The burden of proof isn't on the naysayers, it's on MS to prove it works like they claim. Watching a tech demo under their conditions only proves that it works under their conditions. So far the only game on XB1 using the cloud for AI elements is Titanfall and I wouldn't exactly use that as something to brag about.

Edit: why use a don matrick gif? Using a tired reference that doesn't apply anymore doesn't prove anything. All it shows is ignorance.
On topic: All 3 will sell fine since there isn't much else launching in the spring. Evolve should sell the best since it's multiplatform, but I for me, my enthusiasm for it has been fading with each bit of info coming out. Co op only games are only as good as their community.

Off topic: Doug, pretty funny that you can't go one comment without slipping in some fanboy opinion disguised as fact. You and Heman both are really giving MS fanboys a bad reputation.

You might wanna take off those hololenses. They're making you see things that aren't true. #2.17
It's not the size that matters... It's what you do with it... #12.2
Well good thing he mentioned in the article that this was going to be a multi-part ongoing article...

Oh wait... He didn't...

He stated "2015 gaming disappointments" and then only talked about a high profile Sony exclusive. Plus almost the entire article is made up of quotes from other journalists from other articles. This is less an opinion piece from the author as it is just a collection of rants and complaints that we've all already seen... #1.2.2
I'm more confused about the title. If it states "disappointments" wouldn't you think there would be more than just one game in the article? I mean I know when I use the plural of a word it's because I'm talking about more than one of the item. It's things like this that make fanboys question the credibility of a journalist or website. #1.2
They probably laughed at you more since it also has procedurally generated co op dungeons making your "one and done" argument complete nonsense. #1.3.2
"Every site even New York Post is showing X1 out selling ps4 in Nov n Dec, other then this site...I think it's all a Joke!!!"

Worldwide vs North America

If you aren't going to take the time to understand a topic, please don't waste time posting ignorance as fact. #10.1
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Can you do us all a favor and post your PSN ID next time you comment in a ps4 article just so we know you aren't just some pathetic internet troll who thinks persistence equals factual proof.

Your current method of commenting is bordering on TruFan1 level. #8.3
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Perfect example is Drive Club. It runs at a locked 30 frames but since it runs so smooth, it at times seems higher. #4.1
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Hmmm... I wonder why you'd suggest another product over a Sony product. #1.1.3
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For those of you (read entitled gamers) who actually wanna know what, if anything, Sony "owes" you:

PS+ costs $49.99 US a year
Divide that by 365 (days in a year for those who can't keep up) and you get $.1369589 a day to play online on PS4.
Now here's the kicker: multiply that by 5 (days PSN was down) and you get $.6847945.

So in other words, you entitled cry babies are upset over $.65.

A bottle of water c... #1.1.27
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It would be easier to believe you if there was a demo available for it at target. #16.1
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It's like ice cream, but instead of piling it up on a cone and shoving in your mouth, you pile it up on a cone and... #21.1.1
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Stop taking "info" from MrX and pretending it's fact. There's a reason his blog is banned almost everywhere. #1.1.16
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I si what you did there #3.1
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