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"Keep n4g troll free"


I think you're forgetting that if they chose to fact check and post actual correct information it wouldn't make for a good videogames industry article. /s

How are articles with with so many incorrect facts getting approved lately?? #4.1

Nitpicking a prealpha wears thin... #6.2.4
Anyone else getting that "middle child me too" vibe? #5
Oh! I get it now...

Based on your response to my comment (if you can even consider what you wrote a relevant response to what I wrote) you clearly are from the camp that thinks every game requires multiplayer.

Based on the control scheme and in game mechanics, Wolfenstein doesn't need any multiplayer. It has simplified first person controls (when compaired to other current first person shooters) and is very strait forward with it's "point A to p... #4.1.2
It could be because some devs understand the value of making a great single player experience. Tacking on mp components is really starting to show the true intentions of devs. It's turning into an excuse to add micro transactions to games. #4.1

Typical troll comment from you. Don't you have an EA access article to defend? #3.5
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Maybe it's cause you troll every single Sony article with misinformation that would make MrX say "woah, tone it down a bit" and that you've never said anything neutral (let alone positive) about any Sony product...

Then there's that picture you use for your profile.

Simple way to fix this: post your PSN ID. Problem solved.
Mine is Ron_Danger. Same as here. #1.4.4
I hated ToG my first time through but after 5 rounds I realized it's basically a first person Binding of Isaac. Now I love the game. #1.3.1
Welcome to Who's Line is it Anyways: Gamingbolt Edition... Where article content doesn't matter and misquoting all the information to form a misleading article title is the key to hits!!

Seriously guys... Read the article before you all jump on this.

To quote the great George Bluth: "faith is not a fact" #3.2
@ Jeff
First line from that link: "In the video game industry, AAA (pronounced "triple A") is a classification term used for games with the highest development budgets and levels of promotion."

You were saying...

You are clearly a product of misinformation and confident ignorance. Just look at your comments... #4.1.3
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Thank god!! I can finally sleep at night.

Now can we go back to posting actual gaming news? #8
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Are you trying to say that the weather effects in DC are purely cosmetic? If that's the case, you have no idea what you are talking about. #11.1
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"Grasping at straws really."

The irony... #11.1
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One could also argue that that's not what we're talking about lol #3.1.3
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You spelled "Patriots Fans" wrong #3.1.1
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So did you just submit this article to troll? #1.7
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You wrote " xbox games always get scrutinized while a lot of playstation games get free passes"

Hmmm... Let's look at recent game releases. Driveclub gets hit with online issues and reviewers rip it apart because of that. Halo:MCC gets hit with online issues and reviewers call it a must buy. #9.3
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Well I just lost $1100 cause I found a Nigerian prince who emailed me and told me he just opened a GameStop and started taking preorders. He even "confirmed" that you didn't need a pool for TLoU, a bath tub would suffice. #1.1.3
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Same here. There are a few indie games on PS3 that are in 3D and use the Move controllers (Datura being my favorite) and those types of experiences are such a small taste as to what VR offers that I can't wait to see actual AAA VR games. I'm a bit jealous of Occulus (since I'm a console gamer) since they'll have more games overall, but I'm still excited to see what Sony can pull off with Morpheus. If it's under $300, it'll be day one for me (especially since you c... #1.1
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Nice stealth edit

Original post was: How original. I was doing this on Project Gotham Racing 12 years ago. #14.1
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