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I was at E3 but didn't get a chance to try this out. If VR is anything like VCRs or DVDs porn will help popularize it.

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Inafune and the team spread themselves thin. What a waste of potential.

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Never played the last game lol

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This looks so insane!

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Totally agree with this one.

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The concept behind this seems interesting.

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Sony is going to crush the competition once again this year.

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I don't know. Not to be a troll or anything but this game seems to be very overhyped.

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Yo this game seems messed up lol

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This seems pretty cool.

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Looking forward to this!

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This guide is pretty sweet!

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Looks nice!

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Read the editorial to explain the headline.

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Thank you for writing this. Lightining, and the entire FFXIII series, is greatly underappreciated by gamers. She really is one of the strongest and best females in gaming ever. She doesn't match the awesomeness of The Boss, but she is definitely up there for me as well.

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I'm actually not against this episodic model for Hitman. I'm willing to give it a chance.

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Only three? The franchise has more.

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Great point. SF doesn't need to be tailored for the hardcore competitive crowd. It just needs to be a solid fighting game and that alone will bring it to places like EVO.

Look at Smash Bros. That isn't a competitive fighter but it's at EVO because the fans demanded it. Same should apply for SF and any fighting game. If it's good it'll be championed by the FGC as well.

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Valid points for sure. I personally feel the ship has sailed on the franchise but then again, I have never been a fan of it in the first place.

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