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Imagine how much of an uproar there would be if Microsoft didn't have backwards compatibility and announced more remasters are on the way. #69
I thought Sacred 2 and 3 were suppose to be on there? #20
Good thing first party is what Phil Spencer and crew will be focussing on. #6
They're dropping the 500GB? #26.1
Is the Remedy announcement tomorrow? #7.1
You'll be 75 years old by then brother. #30.2
How does Turn 10 do it? xD #11
Tropico 6. #65
Everyone's always hoping for Xbox One exclusives. #4.1
They're taking the criticism from last year of showing CGi trailers (Scalebound, Crackdown, and Phantom Dust) and turning this year's conference into a gameplay based showing, which is awesome.

Also strong first party presences for both conferences? We should see the new IP projects Twisted Pixel and Press Play have been working on, along with what I'd imagine to be a classic franchise comeback from Rare. #5
Don Mattrick, is that you? #18.1
This is what people are saying, don't shoot the messenger. #17.1
Who needs multiplayer when you have single player. #17
Well we're getting another exclusive that "will make up" for Sony getting Street Fighter. #61.1
It's because Until Dawn's the only big PS4 exclusive this holiday. #24
Microsoft continues the momentum heading into E3. #64
Yeah, enjoy the 14 month wait. By then everyone will be on God and Gears of War 4. #45.1
Someone else might be working on Battletoads, like how Double Helix and later Iron Galaxy handled Killer Instinct.

Rare, however, are working on two games. One of those games is from Gregg Mayles and will be at E3. Here's a timeline of info to give us an idea of what that game may be: #3.1
It's possible, as long as they don't talk HoloLens and save that for the showfloor. Last year they showed around the same amount [of games] so if they follow that format and limit the talking, this lineup should make the 90 minute mark.

They might save Twisted Pixel, Lionhead, and Press Play's new games for Gamescom, but I included them seeing how Phil said their E3 will mostly focus on first parties.

Phantom Dust might be saved for Tokyo Game Sh... #8.1.1
Going in guns blazing with: Halo 5: Guardians story reveal
Battletoads reveal
Forza 6 reveal
Gears of War Ultimate demo
Gregg Mayles/ Rare's game
Fable Legends trailer
Press Play's new IP
Joe Montana 16 reveal
Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay reveal, running on Xbox One
/Now for the 2016 portion
Quantum Break trailer
Twisted Pixel's new IP. An action/ adventure game
Crackdown co-op... #8
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