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Voted for Mario and it felt good because it's different, focuses on gameplay, and is not a shooter :-) #51
Thanks for writing me a bible, didn't read. #41
IGN is Sony controlled. Both from the editors and the user base. #17.1.1
The damage control on Sony websites such as N4G, IGN, and GAF is incredible… #17
So basically live action with two vanilla fruits badly singing a cheesy song. It's like they're trying to make the commercial seem comedic but epic but it just seems lame and over dramatic for it's own purpose.

This didn't sell my on the PS4, like at all. Show me what the system can do, them using the share button which leads into Killzone gameplay, something.

Was this a musical you get to watch on the console? Was it a singing simulator in... #10
Wait until E3 2014! #8
Lol, he drew Knack. Will this be Sony's new mascot face? #8
Either Shenmue III, Lost Odyssey successor, or new JRPG IP from Microsoft Japan. #20
Like Kameo, sure was pretty however the gameplay fell short. #16.1
Does this really look fun?... I understand, it's from the guy who made Crash and Spyro, people want to disdain the repetitive gameplay/ uninspiring design and believe it's going to have the same quality/ appeal as Crash and Spyro. These people are going to be disappointed however still justify their purchase. #15
Reminds me of a 360 launch title called Kameo Elements of Power. bland, forgettable, just nothing there, dust. #9
Jack Tretton looks like a scumbag... #57
The reasons people are choosing Sony could also go with Nintendo...

"They didn't add DRM"
"They didn't take away used games"

Listen, owning your shit has been around since the Atari, why think Sony is the company to trust because they didn't decide to throw in DRM when clearly they were thinking about it? Wii U didn't have DRM, Wii U played used games, Wii U had backwards compatibility. #17
So you shouldn't trust Nintendo as a company because their console's specs are behind PS4, yet you should trust Sony because they have the most powerful system regardless of their shortcomings throughout 7th generation? #14.3
Because Sony has proven to be so trustworthy throughout the whole PS3 generation? But nah they learned from their mistakes right? #11
"Sony doesn't have immature employees"

Right... #1.4
Monolith Soft's Wii U game looks better both graphically and gameplay wise. #48
Deep Downgrade, looks nothing like the tech demo. #6
2 and 3 Sounds familiar... #21.1
Only good thing from the conference, the rest are a snooze fest. The ending was a mind fuck. #41
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