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Totally engineered for seo and click bait reported

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"You constantly get the feeling you are being pushed along to one inevitable outcome."

Did you even play it? There are 5 outcomes per case, so it isn't even factually possible that you'd be pushed to 'one inevitable outcome' since one outcome isn't inevitable.

GG. C for effort.

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totally agree, however either have playroom and leave that censored then have mature room or some other name thats auto blocked for kids. Makes life easier and doesnt effect those who dont give a shit. Or add filters to the damn parental controls to block that without blocking internet altogether lol.

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I agree apart from when parents are quite old and not really "in the loop" most of them wont even know what streaming is or even how easy it is to do. What Sony need to do is inform them of the potential issues of the streaming services and "playroom" in particular and give the option to block it entirely. Parents cannot really be held accountable for something they have no idea exists, they can research but you have to know what to research for.

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i understand your point however you cannot block that from the PS4 if the child in question goes to "playroom" (as its a pretty child friendly title) and the parents dont go on "playroom" then how are they to blame exactly? Sony should do more to inform parents of these potential harmful scenes and give filtering options and the option to block it entirely.

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the article isnt about the PS4 streaming ability, but i like your creative ability to misinterpret information.

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you clearly dont have kids or anyone younger thn 18 using your PS4 which is fine then....if you wanna watch drug deals and learn about being racist lol.

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There's a comment above here that reads a'lil something like this: "The written review went live 4 days before UK release. The score is from the written review."

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The written review went live 4 days before UK release. The score is from the written review.

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"You can tell by the premise statement that this reviewer already had chosen sides."

Dude... hey... hey you *whispers*


This is a PC gaming mag.

No consoles.

*nudge nudge*

We don't care for sides - only games.

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What has AAA got anything to do with the inherent quality of a game, other than its production values? Mechanics are what's important. Some of the best FPS' at the moment are not AAA. Insurgency. Natural Selection 2. Red Orchestra 2. If you rely solely on AAA gaming for your FPS fix, you're cutting off a rather large section of the industry that delivers mechanically rich, innovative, skill-based gameplay.

That said, not always easy to get these games on the cons...

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The appropriate thing to do would have been to reference the story found on N4G as a citation, and then go into your opinion underneath that summary. I'm surprised you got this through.

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Ah yeah. Nice way to avoid a duplicate story, just set it as an opinion piece and rehash information someone else got out first. http://n4g.com/news/1457382...

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What I mean is that the article never once says the style is "wrong".

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"Really? They think the style is wrong? Compared to WOW?"

The point is about a mile to the left.

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You seriously didn't know...? This is news?

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Thanks! It comes dangerously close to being a conspiracy, but really it's just standard business protocol - Valve just don't get questioned because they've always been the 'cool guys'.

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yeah thats the issue, lets hope they implement it better than in BF3

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There are two ways of doing things:
Tell the truth and piss off developers/publishers, or ignore a games faults in order to please them.

Do some actual research. Learn about the problems with Rome II. Ignore the hype. Otherwise, don't bother posting.

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The problems exist, regardless of how much of a hard on for Total War your brother has. Go watch Angry Joe's video review for footage of basically every point we brought up.

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