Looking forward to BF3
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Order cancelled, will wait for the game to be basement bin (2 months?) and then play their micro-transaction game.

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I will be getting the game (as I've always been somewhat of an old school Syndicate fan), That said, there are some things that I'm not sure I agree with here. The AI in the demo (and as evidenced by the vid) are NOT that smart. While they do come find you if you're hiding in cover, for the most part once they are being shot at by the player, they seem to just stand in front of you like a shooting gallery until they go down.
Hitting 'x' to get ammo.. why? since t...

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I'm wondering if it didn't have more to do with Mass Effect 3 releasing on the same day.

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I don't necessarily wait until GOTY comes out, but I have wised up to the fact that this industry RELIES on the fact that there is a market mentality of "have it now, the instant it's released". Until that mentality changes, the game companies will continue this sorry Day one DLC pattern as they know today, people will buy it. By simply waiting 2 to 3 weeks after release, almost all of these new titles will be reduced via sale at one store or another (Best Buy, Walmart, Amaz...

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Agreed. 560pts..maybe.

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have to agree. well put. Splash Damage has no right to be commenting on PSN issues, when their game is a lagfest, reduced to 4v4 from 8v8 within days of release.. bots which near ruin the game, and parkour as choppy as it gets. Mines already headed back to Amazon for trade-in.

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just what i was thinking.. hope those that took advantage made sure they did so from an ip address other than where their Xbox resides :)))

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The PBR glitch is a game breaker.. It seems to be rampant. While I didn't lose all my stats, did notice that when moving between the Vietnam expansion back to normal mode, I have to re-select all my class customizations.. annoying.

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And this game is YET to come out?..geez, the graphics here (on either platform) look liked washed up, 5 year old yester-year a-la Tomb Raider...

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Suppose I see this a little differently.. Its 60 bucks as are most every new release. Basically the next major game (Modern Warfare 2) is coming out a little under 2 months away, so until that time I'll probably play the hell out of, and get at least several dozen hours of gameplay into ODST... A Campaign with at least 6 hours, Firefight, probably 3 dozen more.
Here's the thing...I know that a single night out at a movie for me and my wife is at least $30...and that's for a freaking 2 h...

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Agree completely. This game isn't underrated, it was actually ok, however it should be known that there's essentially 3 types of missions in the game which ran along side the main story (Cell Tower/Assassination missions, Destroy the Convoy missions, Buddy missions) - and after the first one or two missions its quickly apparent that the formula is rinse/repeat. No doubt the game LOOKed great, and IMO had the repeating junk been reduced a little it would have flowed a little better. It was art...

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I'd agree that the title is a bit disjointed, story all over the place, etc. ..but there is something to be said about how younger kids see this game.. I've got 2 five year olds that have struggled on about every game for the 360 so far (not that they should be playing games, but they see dad playing and they just want to participate). I got this game for them and they took to it immediately. The COOP element in UP is simple enough for them both to get (where they have to help each other up,...

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13MM gamers is great, especially a year and a half after the game was released. Wish there was more DLC though..

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Seems pretty simple to me.. (and that includes books, clothes or pretty much anything that can be sold with a term that describes its condition).. If someone gets the pleasure of playing, reading, wearing, etc. a piece of merchandise before the true end customer, then its no longer NEW, it's USED.
Justify it however they want, it's plain wrong and unethical.

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I can kinda see his logic in terms of the fact that it would take IW resources away from current projects (and there is a cost impact to do that)...but I suppose when XBLive is reporting that your game is STILL in the top 10 over a year later, that there's a likelihood of some profit to be made for continued support (new maps, etc).
For every great artist at IW, theres probably 10 more out there that with the right tools (i.e. access to IW's map creator and appropriate NDA contracts i...

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Sorry Ubisoft, not another dime from me on this game until some of the more glaring issues with the game (especially multiplayer related) are resolved. Getting banned just cause your winning, getting dropped back to the main menu after each Ranked game (why?), the whole widescreen mess, Corrupted save games late in the single player campaign, etc.

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My thoughts exactly.. 10 hrs+ of entertainment for ONLY $60 is a steal. For me its even worse - babysitter for 2 kids for four hours - $40. Dinner for me and my wife - between $60 to $100. One night out for just 4 hours of entertainment is well over $100.
If you throw in ANY extra entertainment time you get out of a games multiplayer, you're well into 20hours and beyond. $60 is a steal.
If you don't think it is..then you're probably still in your teens and haven't got a dose of ...

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Sky Sentry - I'm not sure I follow you're logic..

'Let see how many gamers will still buy their crap. I do not run a business but it does not take a genius to see how this is perfect recipe for losing customers.'

Those that BUY are still going to buy - why not, they still get everything they need to play the ENTIRE game. Its those people that aren't paying (renters included) that the devs don't get anything from.. Their 'rent' is going to Blockbuster, who - I'm not ...

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Don't get me wrong, I LOVE FarCry2 Single-player, but the Multiplayer seems like a huge afterthought. I almost imagine the boardroom mtg going something like this...

<Board> Team, you have a great game here, but how we gonna compete with Bungie and Infinity Ward and their great multi-player experience that keeps people coming back over a year later..Wheres the lobbies, parties and everything else thats cool?

<Dev Team> ..uh, well..we have this great map e...

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Pretty much agree with the reviewers comments. Currently about 12 hours into the game, and while it is a great ride, excellent graphics, scenery, and shootouts, I do feel the small bit of (wash, rinse, repeat) with the missions starting to creep in. ..and according to stats, I've driven almost a hundred miles already, not including taking the bus.

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