Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under the Crimson Air


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$50 is great, what do you expect for a system that is 7 years old and was already outdated when it released?

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You know the guy who wrote Saya no Uta also wrote Fate/Zero and Madoka Magica? Guy's got talent.

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Sonic fanboy, can confirm Sonic 4 is rubbish.

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You could type anything down and mark it as a rumor, if it's right hey you have a good source if not no one will remember or care.

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ilomilo for 400 is a good deal, anyone who wanted Fallout 3 or Oblivion DLC would have already bought it though.

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What, you never wanted Pac-Man to be a yoshi?

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Marvel vs Capcom and Street Fighter both have such good soundtracks. What about Marisa's theme in SWR?

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So Chespin and Yayakoma, my team looks to be already 2/6th complete.

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Because them only making two shit games in the last 10+ years has nothing to do with it.

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He made just over $8,000 last year through tournaments, a real job might be better for him.

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Maybe Capcom wanted to advertise DMC with PSAS, but since PxZ is such a niche game they didn't think it didn't matter. Maybe since DMC never released on a Nintendo console that advertising for it on one wouldn't accomplish anything so they went with the more traditional Dante. Either way though PxZ did come out 3 months before DMC in Japan so sales couldn't have been a factor.

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I don't see why this is a surprise, the WiiU is following the same exact path as the Wii except the WiiU has a less interesting gimmick.

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If you see a news article where the title is literally "Call Of Duty: Ghosts Revealed, First Single & Multiplayer Details", why would you click on it if you don't like Call of Duty? What are you hoping to gain from it?

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Here I though the bottom/right part of the picture were Flandre's wings

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And yet here you are reading about it

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I don't think Toon Link will be returning. Young Link from the N64 was in the Melee, Toon Link from the Gamecube was in Brawl. I'm thinking that Wolf Link from the Wii will be in SSB4, since the 2nd version of Link is always one generation behind.

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Bass and Treble only attack Wily when he feels threatened. In Mega Man and Bass it was because Dr. Wily was trying to replace and kill him with King and in the 'The Power Warriors/Battles' games Bass opposes Wily because he wants to be the one to kill Mega Man and the master robots are getting in the way. If the Sonic universe came, he would do everything he can in retaliation to it.

Now Zero, at least at the stage he would be if Wily is still alive, is an insane kill...

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I'm sticking with my prediction since Brawl was released, your Mii will be a playable character why not have it announced first.

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July has to many good games coming out, I'll wait for it to be in the $20-$30 range.

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