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You're paying the most amount of money anyone will pay for the smallest library of games the system will ever see, and since very game just came out everything will still be expensive. You'll have to worry about early hardware problems (RRoD, YLoD), you'll have to wait while everyone you played with last gen makes the jump. I know why you'd buy a next gen system day 1, but I wouldn't when I can wait a little while hopefully get a cheaper and better product.

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Be pissed, it's PS3 exclusive

Ok, Sherimae. Both comments you beat me by like 20 seconds. Stop doin that.

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actually it's PS3 exclusive

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Knowing Hasbro, I wouldn't be surprised if that did happen.

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I'll forever be waiting for the day that Apple buys Sega and they make the iDreamcast, hipsters would be foaming at the mouth.

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Persona 4: Golden
Mortal Kombat
Disgaea 3
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
Street Fighter X Tekken
Little Big Planet
Dead Or Alive 5 +
Oboro Muramasa
Need For Speed: MW
Metal Gear Solid Hd Collection

Dang look at all dem ports and remakes, too bad the only original games worth playing are Uncharted, Gravity Rush, and Soul Sacrifice.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes it, I see people complaining about it everywhere (that or people complaining about the people complaining) but it really is cool. Just think what the evolution tree of a possessed sword could be.

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"With DualShock 4 the pressure-sensitive analogue buttons have been exchanged for digital versions."

Does that mean that triangle/circle/ect. buttons were replaced with a touch screen? I'm iffy on that one but I might just not get it.

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I like it's design, as opposed to ice cream and trash a sword is an object created for battle and Game Freak gives a reason as to why an object became a pokemon. "Honedge came into being when a departed spirit possessed a sword", its existence is explained so what's the problem?

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seriously this comment is not spam. I don't know why N4G doesn't believe me.

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I'm tempted for Witcher 2, but that's a lot of hard drive space when you have 60GB and I just bought a couple games a few weeks ago.

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Never knew Mark Hamill did Wolverine, that's more Steve Blums icon.

Another couple are Wesker (Resident Evil)/Legion (Mass Effect) by DC Douglas and Ryu (Street Fighter)/Gohan (Dragonball Z Games) by Kyle Hebert.

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I'd replace Robin Hood/Sword in the Stone/The Black Cauldron with Marvel and two Pixar franchises (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Monsters inc, Wall-E). They could also use Star Wars now if they wanted to.

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Not a lot of xbox games, oh well.

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I'm more interested to know that it won't be made by Spike than I am to see SSJG included.

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To late to look at the what's and if's now, if MS had these amazing features attached to the DRM they should have said so in the first place.

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First of all for a game to be featured it has to be on Xbox's GoD service

Secondly we've seen two MS games (Halo 3/Fable 3) and one non-MS game (Assassins Creed 2)

Thirdly, Fable 3 is the most recent game with a 2010 release date and Halo 3 is the oldest with a 2007 release date (AC2 was 20...

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I've always liked Major Nelson, of course he was going to defend the DRM when it was a thing it's his job to.

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They will, just buy the PS4 or WiiU version.

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You can answer that by asking who still cares about games from 2003 in 2013. There are games from pre-2003 that are worth playing and people that want to try them out or replay them. Me personally, I want to play Disgaea (2003) and replay Kingdom Hearts (2002) and I already went back to play MVP Baseball 2003 (2002) and Animal Crossing (2001) within the past 6 months.

Also accepting games having an expiration date is bullshit, it's only the future of gaming if you allow i...

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