Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under the Crimson Air


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So are we just ignoring that PSN+ is required to play PS4 online? No one pays the money for the cross game chat, if that's all you wanted you would just use Skype.

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8 people was a given since that's what Xbox 360 has, I wouldn't have been surprised to see 12/16 honestly.

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It's strongly hinted at in game, it's just like Viridian forest where you caught Pikachu in Gen 1, and it's before the first gym. Makes perfect sense to put Pikachu there.

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That's helpful as shit, I've been looking for something like that. Bookmarked, thanks.

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Well... that's news?

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Playing western fighting games, good one

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"I don’t know exactly what this game is about, but judging from..."

Then don't judge the product if you don't know what it's about, actually do some research into it and looking at random in game images isn't research. OreImo is shit, but so are you.

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The keys aren't part of the Pokemon, it just likes them so it collects keys.

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Froakie doesn't look dark either though.

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I feel Sandy Cheeks is a texan stereotype and I find her character prejudicial and hurtful.

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For the record, a swastika isn't racist.

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Yea, Chespin 3 is Grass/Fighting and Froakie 3 is Water/Dark. I was thinking the second types would be a reverse effective cycle, but instead both are going in the same direction as the main type cycle (Fire>Grass>Water>Fir e).

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I'm not buying until Nintendo is selling, but if so I'm interested if Chespin 3 is Grass/Dark like we originally thought or Grass/Steel. It doesn't fit with fire/psychic and water/fighting idea that was going around.

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Isn't this the same person that gave GTA5 a 9/10 for being "Politically muddled and profoundly misogynistic"? Please leave the industry, we don't need this.

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There's more rumors of it being Fire/Psychic, and that the stick in its tail will be a kind of wand or staff.

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I don't want to take away from Katawa, but a large part of it's success stems from it being free. Also since KS was written in English first I'm pretty sure they're either American or European, and I'd lean toward the former.

The problem with all of what you wrote in the 2nd paragraph though is that romantic VN's ARE popular, but they're popular with the people who read VN's. To make VN's more mainstream is literally to get people who don&#...

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The critical success of Zero Escape: VLR and JAST releasing a english version of Steins;Gate, these are definitely steps in the right direction but I don't think they'll be the big push. I'm waiting, or rather hoping for, a big name VN to come out in the West on consoles and become a big deal. Outside of the novel part, The Walking Dead reminded me of a visual novel. How the gameplay was a very small factor, and how it was there mainly to help the story.

Also I th...

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Shantae has a good amount of fans, it'll get made. I guess they need the money sooner rather than later and can't afford the wait of a delay.

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I really don't know what Way Forward is thinking with this franchise, why announce a kickstarter for your niche 2D franchise 3 days after the maker of Mega Man makes a kickstarter for its spiritual successor, which not only is Mega Man one of the biggest names in 2D platforming but the fanbase has been all but abandoned by Capcom? They should have delayed it a month, or at least a week to have some of the hype die down. It's gonna get drowned and forgotten by the race to $2.2 million ...

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X5 was supposed to be the last one but Capcom was making X6 behind Inafune's back. It was supposed to transition from X5 to Mega Man Zero.

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