Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under the Crimson Air


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Brand loyalty is a powerful thing.

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People will go to crazy lengths for their waifu.

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Gabriel John
Gabriel Joe
Gabriel Matt
Gabriel Michael
Gabriel Peter
Gabriel Robert
Gabriel Thomas
Gabriel Will
Jack Alex
Jack Andrew
Jack Anthony
Jack Chris
Jack David
Jack Edward
Jack James
Jack John
Jack Joe
Jack Matt
Jack Michael
Jack Peter
Jack Robert
Jack Thomas
Jack Will
Jacob Alex
Jacob Andrew

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I'm just saying, the fact that you have to go out of your way and write a blog N4G being run by sony fans proves that it is. I'm not saying Sony fanboys, but if you're not gaming on a PS3/PS4/Vita then you're in the minority here.

Just look at the GoTY awards from this year. 9 Awards went to TLoU, 4 more went to other Playstation exclusive things (Tearaway, Outlast, and two to the PS4 itself), and the final 4 awards went to multiplatform things that are all o...

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Next time try figuring out what happened and fixing it instead of just complaining on twitter. The way I see it he was trying to use his fans to get to MS, even if MS was the one who messed up I'm sure he could have put some effort into talking to them about it.

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N4G holds so many contests it's unreal.

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The problem is that they announced Smash WiiU/3DS very early in development. They started making the game in March 2012 and announced it 3 months later. Games take time to make, a 2 1/2 year development time is about as normal as you get.

Zelda will probably be shown at E3 and have a 2015 release.

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I feel guilty about entering since I've already won a ton through N4G, but I mean why not enter I need a PS4 as much as anyone else.

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Just saying I don't understand. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that extends to hobbies, but I can't perceive the beauty in this.

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I don't get this fad at all, like 100,000 people are spending their free time doing this.

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lol what a bunch of assholes

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Replace Spyro 4 and Mario 2 should be replaced with Mega Man X7 and Sonic 2006.

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Why are people putting the characters name Before the name of the game in their spoilers? You can't really know what's being spoiled until it's too late.

As for my picks I would say The Walking Dead, Cave Story, Mega Man Zero 4, Halo 3, and The Witches House.

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It's a shame that consumers are looked down on for giving negative feedback.

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It's called Anniversary not HD though, and I'm sure 2017 graphics will blow 2007 graphics out of the water and it'll have been a long enough wait for people to feel nostalgic about Halo 3. We've been getting remakes for a long time now outside of being HD or not, MGS1 was upgraded for the gamecube and even Kirby/Mario NES games were upgraded for the SNES.

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Pokemon R/B, Pokemon X/Y, Mass Effect, Kingdom Hearts, and Super Mario RPG for me but I don't play a lot of RPG's.

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2014 - Halo 2 Anniversary
2015 - Halo 5
2016 - ???
2017 - Halo 3 Anniversary
2018 - Halo 6

2016 would be the only unknown year, maybe we could see something similar to Spartan Assault 2 or Halo Wars.

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I don't see why everyone's going so far to shame the people who download this patch. They're not hurting anyone so let them have their fun.

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"To be very clear, this patch doesn’t come from NCSoft"

It's a mod that the player applies themselves, so yes you can do that in Elder Scrolls.

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@shin/ultimate then why even have KH3 on xbox?

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