Blue Blue Glass Moon, Under the Crimson Air


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localize it

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oh shit guys, we're losing Kavorklestein's respect. I don't know how to continue with my life.

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One more month

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You made the game in a year with 9 people? That's amazing.

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Game looks cool, though when using the grappling hook the hand animation feels static (pardon the pun). Does the game have controller support?

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"Oh, you think your personal acecdote is supposed to be a measure of quality? It's not, mine is."

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The Wii had a bunch of games too, how many of those were worth buying? When you're bragging about My Singing Monsters and Invizimals: The Alliance, that's when you know there's a problem.

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It's just how the title worded it, this is his actual quote.

>"I loved No Man’s Sky. Sean coming out and doing that was, I thought, a great, great opportunity on their stage... It was an exciting part of Sony’s briefing, and I don’t look at that and somehow decrease its significance."

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Yea, definitely near perfect scores.

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I'm excited for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Ace Attorney Trilogy, guess I'm in the minority.

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Visual Novels are pretty big in Japan, here's a good blog from a while back describing them.

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Japan is actually one of the more racist countries, people hating xbox because it isn't from Japan wouldn't surprise me at all.

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Shinobi's got a past on being correct, I don't know who the other guy is but I trust Shinobi.

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Yea because Nintendo 64 didn't push the PS1 and Gamecube+Xbox didn't push the PS2, right?

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No one wants a new Banjo?

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fun gameplay

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It's from the developers of Mugen Souls and Neptunia, what were you all expecting?

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It's the same reason why Bungie was pushed into signing that 10 year deal with Activision, they were either the only publisher or one of the few that would allow Bungie to own the Destiny IP when the contract ran out.

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N4G has the best contests by far, it's definitely the main reason I keep coming back.

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You think a few JRPG's on 360 flopping is the reason why Japan tried to westernize their games? Not because they see games like Call of Duty: BLack Ops sell 15 million in the US, meanwhile Final Fantasy 13 sell 2 million in Japan? The audience is much bigger in the US/EU, and more players means more money.

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