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Just look at the pic. ;P

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Graphics still look pretty tight though.

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Aww, for some reason I thought it would go up to 999.

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Sony doesn't owe anyone anything.

If you subscribe to any services on the PSN, Sony can just extend the period of time for you.

It would be NICE of Sony to give everyone something free for this inconvenience, but that's up to Sony to decide.

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Just one more week! >:D

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Is it running on Android?

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Red zone indeed. @[email protected]

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I'm pretty sure if its linked to the PSN problem, then we would have heard of many more similar stories... much sooner too.

There would be countless people on the official PS Blog complaining about fraudulent withdrawals.

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Not exactly the next year, but a few years later.

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Rule #2 of N4G is to never, ever cast Sony in a positive light.

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Okay SuperLupe. Sony is the Devil and every bad thing that happens is all because of Sony.

Happy now? Now go away and take Anonymous with you.

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"Oh, so Sony just decided to add online capabilities to their console for free? Surely they wouldn't raise the price of the ps3 by [whateveramount]?"

Yes, because they rely on software and accessories sales to make their money back.

There are MANY free online services on the internet that doesn't require you to buy any hardware or content at all, yet they still make money.

And why would Sony raise the price of the PS3 just t...

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More security?

I say it needs more cowbells! :D

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You know what?

While PSN is down, you could try your hand at the MOST DIFFICULT GAME EVER!

For a glimpse of what the game is about and how hard it is, plus tons of laughter, check this Youtube video out.

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"but an extended outage like this hurts...especially if you just spent money on a multiplayer based game."

How about on the 360 where you spent the SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY for that multiplatform game, and yet you can't even access the multiplayer part unless you pay for Live Gold?

Just be glad that whenever PSN comes back online, they won't be charging you for PSN online play.

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It is an afterthought because they didn't think of going that route until more than halfway through the PSP's life.

And the PSP IS still going strong. Just because the DS usually outsells it by a good margin doesn't mean the PSP is dying like the PSP Go.

But of course, the NGP will make the PSP almost irrelevant once it comes out.

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Sony has no obligations to reimburse anyone anything because none of our money were used on the PSN service itself.

Would it make gamers happier if they gave us some free stuff because of the inconvenience? Yes.

But do they have to? No.

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CD? Lol, you have no idea what you're talking about.

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Wait, so is Chaos69 trying to tell us that Sony planned the PSP Go to begin with?

Is Chaos69 implying that the failures of PSP Go also apply to the other PSP skus?


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The author was not comparing the levels of violence, the author was comparing the levels of extremism.

I think this paragraph says it pretty well.

"So, just as Christianity and Islam have their extremist groups doing whatever they please in the name of “the greater good,” so does the hacker community. These people are nothing more than self-absorbed, self-righteous, immature, spoiled rotten, egotistical cyber-bullies. They’re terrorists of the internet...

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