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"...where it's being put to work creating artificial neural networks."

The birth of Skynet? @[email protected]

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They're using PS3's because of THE WAY the Cell Processor crunches numbers, and at a pretty cheap price.

"The Condor Supercomputer’s PlayStation 3, Taha said, is particularly well suited for neural network research. “The PS3’s Cell processor handles a lot of parallelism,” Taha said, “like neurons in a brain.”

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The main thing I fear is that there will be very little depth to the gameplay.

Which means they have to make the gameplay THAT MUCH more addictive or else it will get boring quick.

The story and presentation seems to be amazing though.

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"New stuff" that could have been introduced within the first 2 hours of the game are now being introduced to you 30+ hours into the game.

In FFX, as soon as you can use the Sphere Grid you could progress however far you want on the Grid... if you had the necessary items.

FFXIII on the other hand PURPOSELY limits your progress because there's so little depth to the actual gameplay.

An RPG with a storyline that only takes place wi...

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I hope its MGS Peace Walker 2 for both PS3 and NGP with cross-platform play.

Also hope there's no more need for Konami ID. -_-"

But I still want to find out more about his "taboo" game!

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People just want instant gratification.

They let all logic fly out the window and DEMAND the answer even before Sony found out exactly what happened and to what extent.

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Show me the link to where Sony claimed that hackers did NOT get our personal data.

All they ever said was that there was an external intrusion on PSN.

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"while other games that are just rehashes of the same thing get high scores."

Especially since COD seems to get worse with each iteration, yet gets the same score each time. -_-"

"i hope the 3d wont take away ANY of the games quality...or have ANY reason for NG's to sacrifice ANY features in respect to 3d or im gonna be pissed!"

Actually 3D has allowed Naughty Dog to include splitscreen. >:D

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Because no one has the root keys for the 360.

Well that's my guess since the hacks for the 360 mainly requires some simple hardware mods and not much software related stuff.

I could be wrong though.

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"lol thats what happens when u eff with hackers."

Yea. Like the hackers were planning on just sitting around doing nothing after they've successfully hacked the PS3.

Sony had to combat the hackers because a situation like this was an inevitable outcome once the PS3 was hacked. Sooner or later, a hacker would target the PSN and its content.

Sony ended up merely delaying it.

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Its coming out next Tuesday.

People speculate that it might be because of the Japanese Tsunami that caused the delay in America (sensitive media) and Japan.

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Ability to play as Jak and Daxter in Uncharted multiplayer would be AWESOME.

Heck, it would be even more awesome if they allow you to unlock Jak and Daxter's skins to be used in singleplayer too!

Btw, I hope co-op allows more players in a single match. Just imagine 8 player co-op against computers! >:D

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Yea, and he would have to spend an ADDITIONAL $60 to play online on the 360 on top of the price of the 360 itself.

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Sony already said they will extend the promotion periods for content that were released last week.

Devs aren't the only ones losing out on sales, Sony is too.

Since Sony makes some profit from every content or subscription purchased, Sony would try their best to regain the loss of potential sales.

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I love announcements of announcements, don't you guys? :P

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Motorstorm has not even released in America and Japan yet, although Japan won't really buy it.

But I've been waiting a month for it ever since it came out in Europe! >_<

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It should have been secure against something that no one saw coming? O_o

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These graphics look almost as good as GT5. :P

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Umm, shouldn't this already have become obvious that developers wouldn't be able to use PSN just like the rest of us?

Sony already said the whole of PSN is being taken down while they fix it.

I think this message is just in case some developers thought PSN being taken down only affected normal users.

Either that or this message has already been up for awhile but websites have just found out about it.

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Best fighting game this generation.

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