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And Sony has lost even more because of this.

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"In addition to experience with shooters, the job listing requests applicants to be experienced in vehicle combat, open-world development, and character and boss design."

Sounds awesome. O_O

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Too bad the flamebaits don't burn and kill the moths since its just a bait disguising itself as a flame. >_<

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ICO has always been good at problem solving.

Only this time, Sony will Yorda. :P

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Maybe its Super_Secret?

Remember how he said that if he ever comes back, he'd come back under a different name and on a different site?

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Well he was right about everything down to the finest details, except for his theory on why Sony hasn't been able to implement X Game Chat yet.

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Yea, the hackers were SO NOT going to try and hack their way into PSN if Sony had just backed off.


A rapist ripped off a girl's clothes off, and if she simply didn't resist then he wouldn't have gone further and raped her!

Its her fault for trying to fend off against the rapist!

Backwards logic running rampant on this site.

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I love character development.

I just hate it when storytellers think that ANY kind of dialogue between characters can be considered as character "development".

A great example of character development in games is Uncharted 2. Each word spoken by a character offers so much insight into who they are.

FFXIII's dialogues on the other hand consists of constant pointless repetitive filler dialogue.

Out of a 10 minute...

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This is why I always look forward to Sony's exclusives.

A lot of them offer something very unique and unexplored... "uncharted" territory basically. ^_~

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My 60GB PS3 can still play PS2 games. :S

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Funny how people were calling Uncharted "Dude Raider".

Yet Tomb Raider is taking hints from Uncharted on how to make proper treasure hunting games.

From the article:


The physics of Half Life 2
Uncharted’s atmosphere
The “visióln” of Assassin’s Creed
The origins of Batmans Begins
The suffering of 127 hours
The mysteries of Lost
Jumps will be pretty comm...

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Your avatar fits your comment perfectly.

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Don't forget to wear the tin-foil hats, the "Colosso Corporate Co's" can hear you!


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This would have simply happened faster if Sony did not take action against hackers.

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Thankfully cgoodno was one of the two that recently became N4G mods. :D

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Link doesn't work.

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Can't we just lump them all under one article with multiple sources?

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Yea, I'd also blame a bank for not having ENOUGH security to prevent a heist!


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Of course they looked into it, but they won't find out much if they don't have the necessary tools and experience that computer forensics companies do.

Which was why they hired an expert security company for help as soon as they learned of the intrusion.

Its just like how normal cops can't find out what exactly happened in a murder scene without the help of forensics experts.

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Cheaper, slimmer, more hack-proof version? >:D

Hopefully this one doesn't allow full debug mode.

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