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Lame article.

But hey, I guess they have to make use of this situation because when are you ever gonna visit

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It seems like IGN has no other ways to garner hits these days other than using their IGNorance.

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FBI is working on this with Sony so I have NO IDEA why politicians think they need to stick their nose in this when they wouldn't even understand half of what the technical stuff even means.

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I just don't like BlazBlue's gameplay.

Its not as fun as Guilty Gear. Its also harder to get a hang of.

Mortal Kombat got almost everything correct.

Only thing I'd ask for is create your own character, and quest mode.

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"I couldn't really make out what you were trying to say."

Pure FUD.

He has much better grammar than most people here on N4G.

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Surely Sony had no security at all!

I mean, just look at how long it took for the PS3 to be hacked compared to all other electronics devices in HISTORY!!

In fact, the PSN security was so lax that I could have hacked into it all along! I just never chose to.

Darn you Sony!


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The internet is a dangerous place, with cat snipers ready to kill anyone without notice.

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All I ask for is backwards compatibility with the entire PSP DD library.

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Hackers VS Anonymous

Or maybe outraged PSN users VS Anonymous?

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I fear that even if Sony compensates us, there will be many articles titled "Is a free game enough to make up for it?"

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It happened to me too. My PSN account is not even activated through my Gmail account though so I doubt they're related.

I also use a different password for my Google account.

But if you search on Google about this problem, it seems like this has been happening to a lot of people for at least two years now.

Btw, I know other PSN and Gmail users who haven't even experienced this.

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B-b-but! Hackers were supposed to save us from the evil Sony!

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Qaulity online service that can be found on PC and PS3 for free.

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"The company attributes this to estimate the average cost of compromised records that will be used for malicious or criminal activities. Accordingly, this would be the last year 318 U.S. dollars per compromised record. In the calculations, however, is a worst-case scenario"

The very worst case scenario, which is unlikely.

Multiple accounts and more than half the PSN accounts probably don't even have credit card info on their PSN account.

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All Sony has to do is extend their subscription services by the same amount of time that PSN has been un-accessible.

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Sony definitely should encourage them to allow PS Move!

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Sony Santa Monica to work on reviving Getaway and 8 Days?! :D

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"After learning the true nature of the breach Sony reportedly notified their consumer base within 24 hours."

I don't know how people can consider that as "withholding information".

A very well written article with no sensationalism going on. Very hard to find on N4G these days.

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Whew! No sensationalism going on in this one.

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