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The reason why Sony said PSN is expected to come back online "this week" was NOT because they wanted to cover their ass, but because people kept whining and moaning and demanding a timeframe of when PSN is expected to be back.

Now that Sony followed their wishes and gave them a rough timeframe, they use that chance to attack Sony even further for "lying" or "delaying" when PSN was supposed to be back.

Sony's screwed either wa...

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I've been here since 2006. But of course, I didn't create an account till 2007.

Your profile tells me you've only been here since 2009. Unless you had another account before this current one.

Anyways, if you were here at the beginning of this generation, you would know that the majority of N4G had always been 360 fans. That was until 2009 came around and the PS3 was finally able to put to rest all the doom and gloom p...

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Okay, I admit it.

You 3 disagree-ers know me too well and caught me red handed.

As it turns out, I HAVEN'T been playing MK like crazy. Must have been my imagination.

Sorry about that. :)

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Great article.

Attack both the PS3 AND its fans AT THE SAME TIME! -_-"

I don't know how this obvious flamebait article even made it through.

Ahh, thank goodness for the new N4G. Where trolls and trolling articles run rampant!

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Nintendo offers nothing worth mentioning.

What was the last awesome AAA title that came out for the Wii or DS?

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I'm simply not interested in anything Microsoft or Nintendo has to offer in terms of games.

Seriously. Mario, Zelda, Halo, Gears, none of them do it for me no matter how hard I try to like them. Sure, I do have lots of fun with them too. But the kind of experience they offer is just not what I'm looking for.

Playstation was the reason why I became a gamer. Playstation ALWAYS targeted the kind of gaming experience that I want, except maybe the lack of ...

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I wonder why they no longer ban known trolls here on N4G. -_-"

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I've just been playing Mortal Kombat like crazy!

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Yea, it would make a LOT of sense for Sony to disregard Europe when its where PS3's actually sell the most.


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Shh don't speak truth this is n4g where sony can ONLY DO WRONG!

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Its an awesome game.

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thats_just_prime probably has no idea how insurance works.

Heck, banks even have insurance in case they ever get robbed.

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How did this fanboy trolling piece of an article even make the cut?

N4G, where standards go lower and lower each day.

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"While the Xbox 360 and the Wii have their fair share of loyalists, there’s something particularly zealous about those who intimately adore their PS3s, and it seems to inspire a brand of lunacy that is without compare."

Can I say... "owned"?


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They ARE awesome.

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My cat's ready for war!


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At least the Johnny Cage one is.

I'm gonna use this on my friends to make them trip out like crazy! XD

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After this whole PSN thing is over, you'll see all the anti-Sony media try to play the neutral card again.

But as soon as ANYTHING bad that could SLIGHTLY be attributed to Sony happens, all their true colors will shine through once again.

"...not least of which is the clear inferiority of the PSN services in comparison to Microsoft's more functional and widely-used Xbox Live services."

Tell me how that is in any way objectiv...

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You should have put quotations around that quote, because 3 people so far thought that's your own comment.

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You could buy a 50 inch Panasonic 3DTV for just $1300 these days!

That's $600 less than what I spent on my 52 inch HDTV just a year ago!

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