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Game updates are separate from Sony's PSN servers from what I can tell.

Although PSN was down, I was still able to update the new Mortal Kombat game.

This must be specific to Homefront. Just like how the MW2 hacks worked.

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I'm surprised FF13 has 12 fans.

And I thought 10 fans would be too many. :P

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To all the people here that are mentioning how PS1 and PS2 need to be on the list, preferably at number 1, should realize that 60GB PS3s should be at the number 1 spot.

A console that includes two of the best consoles of all time in terms of sales and games and quality, plus all the great gems this generation, should definitely be the best console of all time.

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You're no journalist. You're a sensationalist.

You don't inform. You flame.

That's people's problem with this article and you.

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Everyone knows that.

That's also one of the main reasons why people are so annoyed at "Anonymous".

That's why people have been calling this particular group of "Anonymous" just script kiddies.

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And you waste so much more money buying an Xbox 360 and paying for Live Gold yearly than buying a launch PS3.

And considering that Sony was losing $200 per PS3 at launch, you should be thankful you only had to work 2 jobs instead of 3 or 4 if Sony had priced it so they wouldn't lose so much money.

Just the fact that you'd rather save $100 just to buy an unreliable but cheaper system says a lot about you. Why not go even cheaper and buy a Wii?

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Millions more use the Web Browser than the 5 customers who actually used Other OS.

Not only that, you had the choice not to update and keep Other OS. And don't try to bring up the fact that institutions use Linux on PS3 to do research, because they obviously chose NOT to update.

Its not anyone else's fault that you realized Linux on the PS3 was not as important as all the other features you get by updating.

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Kratos + D-pad = PS3 version for me.

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I think Sony could and SHOULD sue them for libel.

This needs to happen because gaming "journalism" is taking too many liberties with publishing unconfirmed false rumours or speculation while publishing it as fact.

The gaming industry needs to come together and create laws or procedures surrounding the publishing of information in the industry.

Make it so that only the websites that follow certain criteria will be trusted as an offic...

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No one has to kill anyone in order to be a terrorist.

To terrorize = to put fear into someone. Terrorists put fear into a GROUP of people or organization.

The worsts terrorists use death to create fear. But there are MANY other ways to terrorize people.

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To the impatient people of N4G:

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Well Akuma was pretty weak in SF4.

I guess they had to Oni him to bring back the FEAR of facing Akuma.

I also wish they'd make Bison more deadly.

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Team 6 is on there way.

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They were able to find Osama of all people.

What makes hackers think they're so unstoppable? Lol.

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They gave a rough timeframe.

They never said "PSN will officially be back online on May 5th 2011, at 9AM EST" or something like that.

I bet all of you impatient ones will also be the first ones to attack Sony if they did a rushed job just to get PSN back online and get hacked again because they didn't take the necessary amount of time to make sure it was safe.

All because people were too impatient.

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Gamestop is doing this because the value for PS2 Backkwards Compatible PS3's are even higher than the slims.

If you want money towards a slim PS3, try selling it online. You'll get WAY more than $200.

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He's just not very good at life period.

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Yea, I hate those Debbie Downers that get so offended just because I like what one company offers more than the competing company.

If only people on N4G could just learn to show their appreciation to their games and consoles of choice without having to dish out BS on the other games and consoles.

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Wow. Sony really went out of their way to hopefully gain back our trust.

But... like usual you'll hear the whiners and moaners. The World Is Not Enough for them.

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Pretty good picks.

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