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They might as well add:

"Where no man has gone before"


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Even in this very comment section, you still see some people trying to spread false information as fact.

They just want to blame Sony for EVERYTHING for no reason at all.

Well I know the reason, but I'm not gonna say it. ;)

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You know they are biased when their review is all based on their one sided opinions.

And the very little "facts" they bring up in the review turn out to be totally false.

Many websites have done this, including the bigger ones like IGN and such.

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****GOW 3 SPOILERS****

After Kratos releases his powers back to the world, many "chosen ones" gain control of parts of his powers.


Multiplayer mode will be where you take your own character through missions cooperating with or fighting against other "chosen ones" in the struggle for power.

By the way, this seems like a fitting trailer for God of War... minus Kanye.

Valve did not port Orange Box to PS3, EA did.

Portal 2 is their first time working with the PS3, and they did MUCH better than other developers.

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Its funny how you end your comment with MORE negativity. Lol.

But I agree.

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Chrome has only been officially out for two years, I think.

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The main problem I see with releasing next gen consoles is that developers won't be able to keep up.

Many studios are still unable to cope with the high production costs for HD games. Especially on the Japanese side, which is why so many of them rather make games for the Wii or handhelds instead.

The only way I can see it working is if next-gen isn't as focused on advancing graphics as this gen was.

Maybe the big 3 will be focusing on...

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First thing is to make sure your comments don't sound 1 sided.

If I go into a Halo article and say, "Very colorful... like Kinectimals." I would be labelled as a PS3 fanboy trying to troll.

Now is Halo colorful? Yes. But I could have stated it better so it doesn't sound like a jab at the franchise.

How you say something can totally detract from any merits your comment may have.

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What happened to ThatCanadianGuy's bubbles?

I could have sworn he had at least 3 bubbles just a week ago.

I guess those "free speech" kids ate up his bubbles. :P

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I'm pretty sure Sony and Microsoft haven't made enough returns yet from their current consoles to just move on to the next one putting them back into a lot of debt again.

Nintendo can do it because they've sold every single one of their consoles for a profit this whole generation.

Not only that, they're trying to kick off their next console before people start to lose interest in their current ones. Basically trying to keep the flow of income ...

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When I say game updates, I meant game patches.

Because a game like COD or Uncharted 2 can update their in-game playlists or whatever without any patches.

So yes, when I put in Mortal Kombat for the first time I was prompted to download a patch update for Mortal Kombat WHILE the PSN was offline.

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I did not say Gold subscriptions have GONE DOWN.

I said they have SLOWED DOWN.

Meaning that although there are new 360 users with new Gold subscriptions, there are also people who have stopped subscribing because of the price hike.

The discount is to get those non-subscribers back again.

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Sony said that? Or speculation?

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Whoa, check out the graphics.

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Chrome won't be coming, but you can bet the Web Browser will be updated well enough to play web games.

"We know from looking at the Sony published difference files that it’s a GTK+Webkit which will be a better fit for the PS3. It will support WebGL, SVG and HTML5 and be hardware accelerated. Rendering will be with Cairo with OpenGL (or custom with PSGL) using the Cell SPUs and fast enough for web games which a recently published 2009 Sony Patent seems to imply are a ...

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People won't instantly know of PSN resuming service.

Hardcore gamers will be the first to know and try to log in.

Everyone else will take a couple days later to find out, effectively spreading the sudden influx of users out over several days.


I assumed this article was only talking about users and not DDOS attacks. But even then, Sony already upgraded their servers to withstand Anonymous' DDOS attacks in the w...

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Offering discounts on Live after raising the price? Lol.

Of course they had to do that, I'm sure the amount of subscriptions have slowed down ever since they hiked the price up FOR NO REASON!

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I like the realistic approach, I just think this game will be far more attractive with a more Japanese style/design to the character's appearances.

Everything else is fine.

Look at Devil May Cry though. He's clearly Caucasian, I think. Yet he has a Japanese sense of design to his appearances which makes him stand out from Regular Joe's.

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Sure sites like IGN bring companies like Sony exposure.

But if they don't even bother to do basic fact checking and end up passing off false information as facts that harm Sony's reputation and image then they are DETRACTING people away from Sony.

That would be libel, considering its false and harmful.

The problem is, right now there's no benefits to report news without sensationalism. There's even more benefits to pass off ne...

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